Revisiting Mr. Rogers

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A friend sent me this article about Mr. Rogers this morning. I could spend the next hour or two paraphrasing and adding my own thoughts (which I will limit to one, after the picture), but the article is more than sufficient. If you haven’t thought about Mr. Rogers in awhile, read the article and you will spend the rest of the day recalling this gentle man.

Fred Rogers

My one thought: It may sometimes feel like a chore, following Jesus. I know some faith traditions teach that one must struggle, sacrifice, and persevere to follow his footsteps. If that’s how it feels to you sometimes, then- for today, please- relax. Follow Fred Rogers instead. Make a new friend, be curious, make music. It really is that simple. And that wonderful.



Now, for a brief, 180 degree turn into the vast land of Self-Absorption:

$1300 to tan a little girl “for her school picture.” And so that she can “look like Lindsey Lohan.”

Do not follow this mother!

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