Just Because…it’s inspiring. Amateur Paul Potts sings opera..

Sometimes, even on one of these goofy talent shows, light shines that no one fails to recognize. Paul Potts, a mobile phone sales clerk from S.Wales, is one of those lights:

Update, June 16- HE WINS AGAIN!!

11 thoughts on “Just Because…it’s inspiring. Amateur Paul Potts sings opera..

  1. Completely overwhelmed by Paul’s performance. Stunning and totally unexpected. He immediately and directly touched my soul.

  2. Better than Pavarotti
    Better than any…I said it…ANY Tenor alive that I have heard

    Just listen to the beginning…..listen how Paul’s voice effortlessly merges into the music with perfection. Soft at first, growing in emphasis as the music requires…never overpowering the flow of the music, but existing WITH the music.

    Pavarotti is technically perfect, but his voice is hard …difficult to listen to after hearing Paul’s angelic display. Just compare the beginnings of the performances…you will immediately get my point.

    By the way, I am a proud American-Italian…and I know a good voice when I hear it.

    Mario Fiermonte

  3. I have bookmarked the video of Paul Potts’ performance because it gave me goose bumps and made the hair rise on my neck. It was such an unexpectedly powerful performance. If he had an album I would buy it and I am sure he will be recording in the near future. I will surely keep my eyes open. It was such fun to see Simon and Piers shocked faces, that alone was worth watching. Great job Paul!

  4. Up until my nephew emailed me about Paul Potts I was pretty much a Andrea Bocelli fan, didn’t care for Pavorotti or any of the others much. I heard Paul’s performance and cried. I’ve never heard anything that amazing in my life. That is truly a gift from God. To open your mouth and to know that that’s what’s going to come out must give him great personal satisfaction.And for him to share it with the world is truly a blessing. Charlotte, North Carolina USA is pulling for him.

    Thank you,

  5. I felt so sorry for him when I saw his sweet face and crooked teeth…Then I was so moved by his performance I cried! I think this guy will be famous enough to fix his teeth for sure! YEAH PAUL POTTS!

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