Airplane Crash, Death- A Happy Song by Bright Eyes

Yeah, that’s what this video seems to be about, but just try to watch it without feeling happy at the end. I’ve written the sung lyrics here so you can even sing along if you’d like!

“At the Bottom of Everything” by Bright Eyes

There are some major truths within these lyrics- I’ll write some more about them soon. In the meantime, look for some of those truths yourself. Why are we smiling at the end of the song? Is it just the great graphics or is there more? I’d love to hear your comments. I think many people are wanting to know about death, and be less afraid of it, possibly even learn about embracing it. Maybe you can help them do that.

Or maybe it’s not about death at all, but something else..whaddayathink?

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The sung lyrics:

One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four
We must talk in every telephone, get eaten off the web
We must rip out all the epilogues from the books we have read
And to the face of every criminal strapped firmly to a chair
We must stare, we must stare, we must stare.

We must take all of the medicines too expensive now to sell
Set fire to the preacher who is promising us hell
And in the ear of every anarchist that sleeps but doesn’t dream
We must sing, we must sing, we must sing.

And it’ll go like this
While my mother waters plants my father loads his gun.
He says, “Death will give us back to God,
just like the setting sun
is returned to the lonesome ocean.”

And then they splashed into the deep blue sea.
It was a wonderful splash.

We must memorize nine numbers and deny we have a soul,
And to this endless race for property and privilege to be won
We must run, we must run, we must run.

We must hang up in the belfry where the bats in moonlight laugh
We must stare into a crystal ball and only see the past
And in the caverns of tomorrow with just our flashlights and our love
We must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge.

And then we’ll get down there,
way down to the very bottom of everything
and then we’ll see it, oh we’ll see it, we’ll see it, we’ll see it.

Oh my morning’s coming back
The whole world’s waking up
Oh the city bus is swimming past.
I’m happy just because
I found out I am really no one.

3 thoughts on “Airplane Crash, Death- A Happy Song by Bright Eyes

  1. i absolutely adore this song, and i am also smiling when the track meets its end.

    i know that i smile because of the chords and music behind the lyrics- it’s very upbeat, especially to Bright Eyes’ standards. i love Conor Oberst.

  2. the plane falling is a metaphor for life…the point is that we should enjoy life because it goes past as a fast as a plane crashes… we must plunge, but plunge in style by enjoying your life…we must sing! I say wake up and realise you’re actually living on earth.. if you haven’t already!

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