2 thoughts on “Curious about.. “Collateral Damage”

  1. Thank you for this.

    I am remembering a detail about the Iraq war, its very beginning. I have a vague memory of missiles being fired before the planned beginning of “Shock and Awe” because Saddam Hussein had been spotted in a certain town, so it was blasted early and without warning.

    There was commentary about his being “taken out” before the actual invasion. This was supposed to weaken the resolve of the opposition.

    I remember thinking, “This is like if Lee Harvey Oswald would have used a blockbuster bomb instead of a sniper rifle.” How many times have I viewed the assassination footage? Suppose it would have looked more like the Oklahoma bombing with all those spectators as stacked body parts. That is what we have done. Over and over and over again.


  2. Steve McCurry is a gifted photographer and these images certainly bear this out. I don’t believe there is any American who is WILLIING to kill any children. We as a nation can choose never to engage in conflict overseas no matter the issue. Then the question at hand may not need to be asked of ourselves.
    We were not in Somalia helping this nation as it went through it’s conflict,and genocide. In Bill Clinton’s biography he stated that was a mistake. We had a moral obligation to go to help these people and we didn’t. He felt that was one of his most important failure of his presidency. Where were we as millions of people were exterminated in Croatia and Yugoslvia. A friend of mine was a fight pilot during that conflict and his emotions and frustrations ran so high as the so called peace keeping force under NATO (including the US) did little to nothing as these atrocities were being committed.
    Why are we not in DARFUR as the ethnic cleansing is still taking place?
    Our mistake, often times, is choosing the wrong conflicts to engage in, probably for the wrong reasons.
    Be that as it may, if we have a mentality or a doctrine to NEVER engage in war, under the RIGHT leadership we would never be in a postion to help people around the world for real humantarian reasons.

    A simple question………but not so simple to answer……….

    J Alan

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