Cicada Choirs


A voice of God, droning beneath the ceilings of green cathedrals, punctuating the heat of summer’s sun..the cicada chorus begins!

A voice of God, meant for others of this canopied world: an announcement, a proclamation, a primordial Yowl raised in reverberating affirmation of Presence here, here now- out of the earth at last and now, a song sung to the now of light and space and air, and in discovering-delight of wings to move through them all. A voice- beckoning, celebrating, welcoming, and holy because now the world has begun..

Behold! And now all things are made new in the branch-buttressed universe of the cicada singer. And now, now all things are beginning again and new life now and the journey now begins now. A voice, the voice in this verdant world, the only voice to be heard, the one voice to be answered, the single voice to be shared.

A voice of God pure, a Godsong focused, a choir of Continuing Creation now, here, in these moments, only for these moments, raised in harmonic invitation for others to join..

Listen. Sing now.



This gentlest of insects is emerging now from the soils beneath trees in Texas. Their years spent underground, since the time they were larva and dropped from the branches above them, are over, and they are now beginning a several day quest of finding mates, breeding, and laying the new eggs of a new generation.

Some will be eaten by others of their world; they are easily, and defenselessly gobbled up by the crow and even the occasional squirrel. But enough will complete their purpose, so that their species and their songs (so beautifully summer) will go on..

Here is a wonderful, five minute video about their lives:


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