If it rains or freezes..My Plastic Jesus

My Pink Plastic Jesus !


This was in my mailbox this morning- put there by a friend who knows me well enough to know that I would have fun with this all day..and I did.

It’s about 12″ high, and was constructed with appropriate reverence and awe in China of very durable plastic. I don’t know what area retail establishment Pink Jesus (known already and lovingly as PJ) manifested in, but I’m glad he did- and honored that he now has a hallowed home in Texas.

PJ has a secret, too. He is no mere ornament for the backyard garden sanctuary, no! He answers questions! Turn him upside down and he becomes this generation’s Magic 8-Ball ! Same setup: there’s a clear glass window at the base, and bobbing around in some blue liquid within, there is a polyhedron, each face of which is a different answer to whatever one’s questions might be!

Today at lunchtime I asked PJ if I should eat watermelon at home or go to Subway for a sandwich. The answer was “Have a nice afterlife!” I took that to mean I should go to Sonic, instead, and have a cheese dog.

Later, I queried, “PJ, so that I don’t have to go look, do I have clean socks for tomorrow?” Prophetically, he answered “No chance in hell.” Really! And, glory be, he was correct!

A little while ago, we took some pictures together around the house and yard. I’ll share those later. Right now, PJ and I have to discuss tomorrow’s sermon.

My life has suddenly become so uncomplicated ! From now on, I’ll always know WWPJD?

(Thank you!)


3 thoughts on “If it rains or freezes..My Plastic Jesus

  1. You got to love friends, don’t you? I’m not sure I could gather my composure for sermon writing with a pink plastic Jesus standing watch. I would probably crack up in the pulpit just reminiscing on the night before. Good luck!

  2. If you prayed for the Plastic Jesus to give you advice on horseracing, would it a) give you the right advice, since Jesus is a pal, or b) give you bad advice, to teach you a lesson about the evils of gambling? These are the things I wonder about, late at night…

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