Beauty Over the Years..a video

This is a fascinating compilation of Hollywood actresses from the 20s through today..It is the same format as the collection of women in art which was popular several months ago. But it is revealing in some interesting ways, too:

1. There is a “sameness.” These are beautiful women, but they are within a narrow definition of beauty. It is a standard that has more to do with genetics, but there are millions of teenage girls who struggle outside of that standard, and millions of teenage boys on fruitless quests to find it.

2. Sophia Loren still wins. Hands down. Don’t even try to argue with me.

One thought on “Beauty Over the Years..a video

  1. There is a documentary out there from the BBC with John Cleese and some famous model who’s name I already forgot. One episode talks about the Golden Ratio and how it applies to our perception of Beauty. A surgeon had developed a facial grid for the perfect face based on the golden ratio.

    So it’s no surprise that our beauty idols have hardly changed – it’s all in our code.

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