Televangelist Juanita Bynum prepares to mine the Church’s pockets some take on 2002’s "Cute Christian Couple" of the Year..

Two weeks after her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, wrestled her to the ground in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel, beat her, and then was pulled off of her by a hotel bellhop, Televangelist Juanita Bynum has filed for divorce. (Read about it here)

This chapter in the marriage of Christian Nobility comes just five years after the million dollar televised extravaganza of the couple’s wedding ceremony, which featured a wedding party of 80, 1,000 guests, a 12- piece orchestra, and a 7.76-carat diamond ring. The black-tie wedding featured flowers flown in from around the world. “My dress,” Bynum said, “took nine months to make. All of the crystals (Swarovski) on the gown were hand-sewn. The headpiece was sterling silver, hand-designed. (Source)

They are the personification of Bling Bling Christianity and Self-serving Sham Spirituality. The glitz of the world is just stuff to be accumulated by them, shown off by them, flaunted and fought over by them, at the expense of thousands of slavish admirers who they have cowed into believing that the Jesus they preach is the Jesus who wants nothing more than to line YOUR pockets with the kind of cash that Thomas and Juanita have in their pockets (and designer purses).

They are darlings of the Fraternity of Christian Television Truth-benders who have molded the message of Jesus into a message of Prosperity (for themselves), who have turned The Way of Jesus into a driveway filled with Mercedes, leading to the front doors of their palatial estate homes, and who justify themselves by bestowing titles (Prophetess, Bishop, Annointed) on each other.

Now, since her beating, Bynum has said her ministry will focus on Domestic Violence. Well, good, that is always a timely topic. But I suspect these prophetic pimps (and pimpettes); I suspect Bynum of capitalizing (with cash and credit cards) on her recent problems. Yesterday, she appeared in the backseat of the Pimpmobile- Trinity Broadcasting Network– to proclaim her ‘forgiveness’ of her husband and to announce her new ministry to women victims of DV everywhere.

How about some time off from the cash flow machine, Ms. Bynum? How about telling women to do what they need to do to get their abusive spouses behind bars, and THEN cry their crocodile tears of forgiveness? How about showing your sincerity by liquidating some of your massive assets (does anyone really need TWO homes?) and seeding some women’s shelters for women and children who, unlike you, have NO financial or human resources to fall into the arms of? Or maybe take that 7.6 carat wedding band off and sell it to another Pimping Pastor, while you give the blood money assets to the Africans who mined those stones for virtual slave wages?

“Follow me,” Jesus invited the Sons of Thunder, and you, and me. Not to a choice of manors in the country, not to a million dollar orgy of self-appreciation, not to yet another New Pitch for funds, and certainly not for the seeking of ego-swelling sympathy and misdirected compassion. He invited us to sacrifice, and to a cross. For the sake of others, not ourselves.

Can I get a witness???

Can I?


18 thoughts on “Televangelist Juanita Bynum prepares to mine the Church’s pockets some take on 2002’s "Cute Christian Couple" of the Year..

  1. There is a greater opportunity here if Bishop Weeks would take advantage of this for the greater good all. We hear a lot about victims and in fact I have written a book titled FAMILY TERROR available at as I am a survivor of domestic violence.
    You see the problem is that we are addressing the wrong side of domestic violence. Everything is for the shelters to protect and hide the victims. If the abusers were made to step up and be responsible for their actions there could be much pain and suffering saved.
    If an abuser would commit himself to another location and enter a half-way house type setting, counseling and help for the problem could be addressed ( and it is not a anger management issue), the family and children could not be disturbed which would be much better for the children, the children could be told the truth (that daddy or mommy loved them but they are sick and are going away to get better) and not be hauled off to jail in a sense the child will never forget, etc. If the abuser would take responsibility and sincerely want help for the problem, the abuser would not want to endanger or harm his family any further.
    Christians should demand the abuser step forward and accept responsibility. Hiding the victim and letting the abuser go free is not the scriptural way things should be handled. Therefore it is no wonder the problem is growing and not decreasing. We are feeding the problem. Just ask yourself this. Wouldn’t Jesus act the same way he did concerning the money changers in the temple when he violently through the marketers out of the temple. This would be a matter Jesus would have reacted violently and not permitted. He would have glared right at the abuser. He would not have thought it was right to participate in secret hide-a-ways. But we Christian want to pretend it does not exist. Again, like the Good Samaritan that stopped to help while all the others walked on by and refused assistance along the road to the man. It is Bishop Weeks that can change history here and has the strongest ministry to offer as it is not a duplication of another, and it is the right thing to do for a man to guide others to be responsible.
    80% of incarcerated individuals are from domestic violent homes. As children are growing up and seeing there family not be protected by the laws of our country and they also see the good Christian people pass on by and pretend they don’t see their pain, it is no wonder. These children grow up not respecting the laws. These children also grow up to think that God does not love them because of the actions of Christians to ignore their pain.
    The scriptures tell us to address this differently than is being done. Christians are the ones that are going to have to step up to the plate.

  2. Very harsh words indeed. But not harsh engough, I suspect.

    Amen brother!

    We need more Christians who are willing to shout loudly that the emperors of our religion have no clothes. I also commend you with laying much of the responsibility at the feet of those who are really to blame. Those ‘believers’ who have chosen to follow these people instead of Jesus. Too often when these kind of things happen we mourn for those who have been victimized by these charlatans. If they would really pick up and READ their Bibles they would find ample advice and plenty of warnings for these situations.

    Good job.

  3. It is really sad to see these events unfold. It has made the job of the evangelist that much harder. When I say evangelist, I mean the true evangelists who are preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Who are telling people that they ought to make Jesus their personal Lord and Savior. Who declare that if you don’t get right, you’re going to hell! Ultimately, it has made a mockery of the Christian faith and the Black church in particular. People are not sympathizing with Prophetess Bynum and Bishop Weeks. They are laughing at them…at us…the Body of Christ. So sad.

    You are absolutely correct! Jesus called us to sacrifice! He called us to think about others above ourselves. He called us to use our wealth and not hoard it. What good would the 2 homes and the 7.6 carat ring be to those who are less fortunate if Bishop Weeks had killed her in the parking lot? I believe when God blesses and trusts us with more than enough, it is to be given away so that those who are less fortunate will feel some relief.

  4. Deb Nagle’s comment was extremely salient and should be paid more attention to, in my opinion. I have a sister with three young children who’ve been uprooted numerous times due to domestic violence. Were there a way to put more onus on the perpetrator of the violence, we might actually stand a chance of putting an end to this hideous epidemic.

    However, the points made regarding the ostentation many of these so-called Christian ministries are also very important. I whole-heartedly agree that the point folks should take from this particular example of greed gone wild is that this is NOT the way Jesus lived, nor the way He taught the disciples and early Christians to live. That particular disconnect has always astounded me.

    Please accept my thanks and gratitude for expressing yourself so well, Mr. Weber. Yours is a blog I always look forward to reading.

  5. Well said! I haven’t seen anyone blogging on this. I cringe every time I channel surf and hear her “prophesy.” Ick.

    P.S. I’m convinced that marriages that start with such extravagent weddings like that are doomed to fail.

  6. I believe you have done an awful job. Who are you to speak against the Lord’s anointed? Have you even heard her speak? All this bashing makes my stomach turn. People like Juanita Bynum sacrifice daily to bring us the Word. She is used of God mightily and I don’t hear from you the good that she does. How many people have come to know the Lord because of her ministry? How many people are strenthened by her message. Folk keep talking about how she shouldn’t have this and shouldn’t have that and they should give it all away. Do you give away all of your money? I mean we shall be measured by the same rod we use. The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. How can that be fulfilled if it’s all given away? They Tithe and give Offerings. But at what point is a $300K or $600K or even $1,000,000 salary acceptable? Never? I think not. The god of this world pays handsomely to his followers. How much more will the Creator of Heaven and Earth for doing His will? I think about Abraham life. Now he was rich, but if they had the internet during his time, would you position yourself against his anointing and his blessing as well? Would you bash King Solomon as well? She doesn’t always talk prosperity, but that’s an easy focal point since a slew of internet reporters have nothing else to talk about. I challenge you to be different. What woman doesn’t want to have a beautiful wedding? I know if I was blessed more abundantly than I could ever think or ask, that my daughter would have the same. How much more would the Father bless His daughter? Why can’t people who operate in the Five Fold Ministry be paid well? Why can’t they be prosperous. What scripture are you using to support these words you have placed on this website for all to see? I have read all of the posts on this website and I can’t believe what some have said. She waited how long for the right man to be her head. I know she hears from God and I know He was the right one for her. However, he decided to mess it up. The will of God, however known, is not always done in the earth.

  7. Yeah, you can criticize Solomon. And Abraham. And David. The Bible tells us that these were very flawed men. Just because at times they were faithful to God does not excuse their actions. We can forgive this duo but, as “Christian” leaders, they need to be held accountable.

    You dip very readily into the Old Testament. Jesus addresses these issues a little differently – something about false prophets come to mind. That being said, they deserve our prayers, not our ridicule.

  8. We must know that if you tend to be hitting the devil hadder everyday, you don’t drop guard, because he will hit hardest. The couple should have a sobber reflection; II chron.7:14.
    Weeks might be judge, but judgement should first begin in the house of God? I have seen great men/women fall…. ” from the summit of power people no longer look up but they begin to look around themselves and that is where they fall from Grace to grass” Juanita cannot tell me God did not live his withness in this
    matter. A sobber reflection of herslf FIRST.I think her new face of DV is misplaced, why all this while God did not tell her to do a DV face up?

  9. Bling Bling Christianity – I love that expression. Got any copyright on that? 😉

    Honestly, this is perfectly normal and absolutely in the tradition of Holy Mother Church. Popes and Cardinals – back in the good old mediveal days – married, had orgies, divorces and scandals just like that.

    It is really the old principle of Sinner behaving like Saints – only to be overcome by their denial and inner demons (Ted Haggart and Larry Craig are a great example in that context).


  10. I am ALWAYS wondering WHY those “Annointed” money grabbers need so many cars, mansions, jets, etc. Jesus was poor. And should we not STORE on EARTH our goods.
    But no those Charlatans speak just the right language to the most unsuspecting CREEPS on TV, even putting people on who spent time in hell, you get the book IF you HELP GOD TV, it sickens me to no end, and I wish there would be a Channel where all THESE WONDERFUL GREEDY CHARLATANS could be exposed by real Preachers.
    Oh there are some, Stanley comes to mind. Remember PTL Club, Pass The Loot???????? Those people are worse than a THIEF, they do their Theft under the NAME OF GOD.
    And Benny Hinn is about as much of a Prophet than I am.
    I GIVE away all the time, locally, Children for the World, but people wake up, not ONE CENT TO THOSE GREEDY ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have read this article and I can guarantee that you are black. What is wrong with us a people? Sometimes I wonder if we remember who we are? This is a black topic no matter what is said. People divorce everyday and even in the days of Moses they were asking how to appropriate these matters for the ‘hardness of peoples hearts’. I am with Juanita and her husband 100%, because they are human and we are all prone to making mistakes. The only difference is theres a camera in her face 24/7. We reigned as Kings and queens in the old testament (if you are of the lineage of Abraham), and we should do even more today, now that the promise has been fulfilled. Yes, I do agree that people seem to focus on just the prosperity end of things lately, but thats only because another revelation has been administered to the real church. Whoever wants to use it for their own glory/profit its their free will to do so. I guess we will all see who’s who when Jesus comes. LEAVE THE JUDGEMENT TO JESUS- and not even he is condemning, because the world is already condemned for non belieiving in Christ.

  12. Also. The type of Christianity we have been enslaved with, with its doctrinal statements is not about a set of rules to hinder. But a relationship with the true and living god to excel. If you look at the true meaning of the word divorce it means ‘to separate’ or shelach, and of course God does not approve of this because he created marriage (meaning two people becoming one flesh), and he dosen’t like when man severs that tie. You need to re address the scriptures without mental barriers and ask the Lord to shed light on what you are ACTUALLY doing, because we serve a King-King Jesus. Have you ever seen royalty or a king that is poor? It takes perseverance, patience and all kinds of trials and tribulation to get to the Land flowing with Milk and honey, and its not just for when you die. It’s for right here, right now. If you had good words to say (bless), maybe some of that would be expressed to you. You need to stop looking at Michael Angelo pictures and start looking at geographical locations mentioned in the bible and find out the truth for yourself. The reality is, some people took 40 years to make an 11 day journey, and I can assure you that the iniability to be happy for one that is blessed often reared its ugly head. It’s more than money. You have to pass all kinds of test to be in their league. So that when you aquire the wealth you are able to give back.
    Would you be able to do that? Do you really know whats going on behind closed doors? Well I choose to believe the best no matter what, because the bible says that love believes the best. I don’t know if you will publish this, but even if you don’t- rethink your motives for such vulgarity!!

    Wake up Black man/woman and stop condemning

  13. Sorry, Debbie.
    I’m not black. I’m a Jesus follower, to the best of my abilities.
    Jesus- you know? The one who didn’t have a home, or a pillow, and had to get money out of the mouth of a fish?
    Jesus- the one who came because there were “leagues” of religionists who set themselves above everyone else and who said, in response, “Blessed are the poor in spirit..”
    Jesus- the one who pointed at the posers of his time and called them “white-painted sepulchres, beautiful on the outside and full of dead bones on the inside.”

    That Jesus- not the one I would like to construct out of cardboard and ego to perfectly reflect every selfish, power-hungry, bling bling urge that pulses through my body.

  14. Juanita Bynum is a woman of God. How can people judge her as if their life is so perfect. She can’t prevent what happens to her. God is at work! Let God take care of her. God has a purpose.

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