AWOL and FUBAR (not really, but kind of..)


How kind of a number of you to note my absence here of late! Give me another day or two and I’ll be back at the keyboard with more regularity.

Sometimes I get into modes where I’m better at bitching than proclaiming, more able to gripe than glorify- anyone or any thing. And while life is always a combination of good/bad, light/dark, up/down..I don’t need to be reinforcing or influencing anyone else’s bad-dark-down times, day after day. So I’ve sat back a little, saved my optimism for sermons, and read and thought a lot.

This is not the depression which sometimes, but with less and less frequency, descends. It is more like yet another birth (of understanding and knowledge). And no one expects a baby to be cuddly when he/she is halfway between the bliss of the womb and the harsh light and lung-wrenching air of the world where life will be lived. In a tiny metaphorical way, that’s where I’m at.

I’ll be born again, all the way, for awhile, in a day or two. The light and the air are already feeling better to me. In the meantime, click on any one of my recommends in the blog roll to the right. They all help me, more than they know, to be Not FUBAR.

2 thoughts on “AWOL and FUBAR (not really, but kind of..)

  1. Thanks for the note Dave… As I mentioned before, I read you regularly and look forward to your comments. Bitching is OK. There is a lot that needs bitching about. But proclaiming is the highest calling.

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