Padre Pio, Exposed! (to carbolic acid?)

According to a new book- The Other Christ: Padre Pio and 19th Century Italy, by historian Sergio Luzzatto- the “most popular Saint” in Italy, and one of the most popular in the world, might have faked his famous piety. (reference: The Telegraph- UK)

Padre Pio stigmata

Padre Pio. (The man was bleeding as he served the Host!)

Throughout his life as a priest, beginning in 1911, Padre Pio exhibited stigmata, simulations of the wounds suffered by Jesus on his hands and feet. He died in 1968 and was elevated to the status Saint in 2002 by Pope John Paul II, who is now on his own fast track to Beatification.

Some stigmata are visible– wounds on the hands, feet, back, or rib area that can be seen and cause real suffering in those who manifest them, however they are manifested. Others have invisible stigmata; they suffer for no outward and visible reason(My reaction to the invisible kind: How convenient..!)


Visible Stigmata                                                                       Invisible Stigmata

It seems that documents have been discovered that were collected from a pharmacist acquaintance of the visibly stigmatisized Padre. Maria Di Vito, an admitted admirer of Pio, claimed that in 1919 she spent a month with him in San Giovanni Rotondo, where he asked her to secretly have a bottle of pure carbolic acid refilled. “For disinfecting syringes,” don’t you know.

This evidence, the caliber of which has thwarted less popular nominees on the road to Sainthood, was apparently dismissed by the Holy See (We saw nothing..), since the very popular Pio’s election was successful. 

Pietro Siffi, the president of the Catholic Anti-Defamation League, said: “We would like to remind Mr Luzzatto that according to Catholic doctrine, canonisation carries with it papal infallibility. We would like to suggest to Mr Luzzatto that he dedicates his energies to studying religion properly.” Thus, doctrinally speaking, “if a Pope says it, I believe it, and that’s that!” Proper religious study, apparently for Signor Siffi, means the unquestioning regurgitation of what already is- supposedly- known.

My argument here is not with Padre Pio- I know nothing about him, other than the fact that his stigmata, along with those of every other stigmati, appear in the wrong place, since Roman nails were almost certainly driven through the wrists, not the hands themselves. My argument is with the blind obedience to religious thought, which always emanates through some human with a political agenda in the guise of holiness. And humans, as most of us can attest from personal experience, screw up. Our human screw-ups, our motivations,even our outright, however well-intended lies should be able to be studied when they have historical import.

And my argument certainly is not with Catholicism, at least not in the sense that Siffi would be accusing author Luzzato of. My argument is with anyone who uses trickery to fool the masses in the perpetuation of THEIR take on Jesus, THEIR “truths” about God, and THEIR authority. If Padre Pio was shown to be a fake on the order of the very non-Catholic Peter Popoff, so be it! Why should any believer have their faith in God threatened by the exposed fakery of someone  who skillfully and manipulatively uses God-language  for their own ends? Take a look below at Popoff exposed by the Amazing Randi.

Siffi’s argument is the type of argument (or non-argument) engaged in (or not engaged in) by the new (unbelievable!) followers of Popoff, all the adherents of the fraud Benny Hinn, and those who believe Pat Robertson has special ‘words of knowledge’ just for them. It is the kind of specious argument which causes a multi-million dollar waste of money called The Creation Museum to be built in Kentucky, in the perpetuation of human doctrine over God’s truths. It is the kind of argument that causes factions to dig in their heels, even pick up weapons, in the defense of what some pope/preacher/imam or other ‘holy’ personage says is just so.

Anyone who must look at a man, in order to see God, is looking the wrong way. And I see no threat to God at all in telling them that.



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  1. Whether Padre Pio was gulling the credulous masses or not (and, really, were there NO competent medical authorities around who could prove or disprove this “miracle?) is hard to say, given the dearth of evidence. The notion, however, that, no matter what we peep behind the parted curtain, someone invoking Papal Infallibility should snap our eyes forward and our shoulders back is one reason why a religious cult of personality is Not a Good Thing.

    Because once you accept that everything Benedict or Oral or, for that matter, Mao says is true, then you’re closing your eyes and handing your wallet/intellect/freedom over to some dude or dudette you hope is as holy and upright as you’ve been led to believe.

    That said, Papal Infallibility is a pretty effective mallet with which to Whack-A-Naysayer. I mean, who’re you gonna believe, some lone, irreligious shmoe bearing “facts” or the heir to the keys of St. Peter and his irrefutable say-so?

    Good piece, good thoughts.

    • Just wanna let y’all know that Papal Infallibility only applies when the Pope is speaking to clarify a doctrine of the Church. Aka, Pope says, “McDonald’s fries suck!”…. No infallible wisdom being imparted there. (And he’d be really wrong, anyway). Because of his deep relationship with Christ and extensive scholarship, the Pope has the authority to define how Catholics of the time should live out our faith.

    • Where is this person who said he asked for Catholic acid? Or just hearsay? We need evidence. Carbonic acid was used in 1950’s to sterilize medical equipment and dd needles. If he was diabetic he could of used it but why not just use alcohol or bleach. So if true does look suspicious . To use it on body it would also make you sick though. He was always sickly. And why no wounds when he died is suspicious that it stopped toward when he was very sick. I hate to even think it true but this needs be looked into

  2. One of the miracles that got Padre Pio canonized, as I recall, was his appearance guiding Allied pilots in a squadron lost in the clouds. The cockpits of several of the airplanes claimed he was just outside their cockpit, guiding them safely onward.

    If that was indeed one of the miracles, it would be damnably difficult to fake.

    But then, I found this at a page called “Padre Pio and the Stigmata”: “Several days before he died in 1968, all evidence of the wounds disappeared.” Of course, carbolic acid (phenol) probably would leave a scar of some sort.

    Apart from the stigmata, Pio was supposed to be a pretty regular guy, not the usual pious sort one would expect to be a saint, or to fake stigmata.

    Watch that story.

  3. Here is a quote from the book Padre Pio and America which explains what
    the carbolic acid was actually used for in his friary at that time:
    “The boys in the Seraphic College could not understand why their
    instructor seemed to be hiding his hands under his garments during the
    classes that he was teaching. The Father Guardian, Padre Paolino, noticed
    that Pio appeared to be covering up red spots on his hands with the
    sleeves of his habit. However, he was not too concerned since he and Padre
    Pio had recently received burns on their hands from carbolic acid. The
    boys had needed injections to fight the Spanish Flu which was raging at
    that time. Due to a shortage of doctors, Padres Paolino and Pio
    administered the shots, using carbolic acid as a sterilizing agent.”
    Frank Rega, author of Padre Pio and America p. 55, TAN Books 2005.

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  5. Just to clear things up a bit first, I am a wacko religious right-wing nutjob who believes everything the Catholic Church teaches faithfully and blindly. Having said that, I take comfort in knowing I do not blindly follow the sheer hatred of Protestants (and those who branched off Protestants), Muslims, and atheists in attacking Catholicism, who give no evidence for their own beliefs. I also take comfort in knowing I serve God, not just myself.
    Now, why on earth would Padre Pio want to fake is own wounds, inflicting severe pain on himself? The reasons not to are great: it would be blasphemy, because he was a Catholic the media coverage was small and biased anyway, and saints are canonized after their deaths.
    For the record, the Vatican “Secret Archives” have limited access. It is very unlikely these documents were just “discovered” because the evil Catholic Church has been hiding them from the eyes of the public. Give me a break. What threat does Padre Pio bring to you? With or without this so-called “evidence,” you non-Catholics didn’t believe he was telling the truth, so why try justifying your opinions? Besides, most of the information is very old records dating back to the medieval eras. The delays in releasing things to the public is more or less because there is so much information that needs to be filed. If people didn’t hate the Catholic Church for their own little reasons, no one would mind the Vatican having an archives with restricted access to it.
    When all is said and done, please keep your noses out of the business of the Catholic Church. Don’t mock the Pope or his infallibility because it only gets you a chance to throw potshots at Catholicism. The Church has been around for 2,000 years and won’t be swept away by your opinions.
    Oh, and as for “Anyone who must look at a man, in order to see God, is looking the wrong way. And I see no threat to God at all in telling them that,” you obviously don’t know Jesus Christ.

    • I totally agree with you, but remember that the “church” that Jesus left will ALWAYS be attacked and thats ok because we stay sted fast and true to the “church” Jesus Christ left and just pray for those who are lost, blind, and stubborn….Catholic, the Universal CHURCH…..Naida fellow CATHOLIC!

    • AMEN!
      Protestants are jealous and full of themselves. I know a lot of them are just very hypocritals specially they so called “pastors”

  6. Adherents to reason and rational thought normally don’t come off as sounding so defensive.
    Why take every critical analysis that isn’t pro-catholic as attacking the church? What? the church can’t take it? Maybe not. But do remember the Catholic church doesn’t have the prettiest history–murderous popes (some with wives others with illegitimate children) crusades, the history of the catholic church in the early Americas is not pretty–how about all the (mostly woman) folks burned because they were witches …remember this was the church that threatened to kill Galileo (or was it copernicus) for saying that the Earth was not circled by the sun. Fast forward to modern day and witness the pedophile scandal that has cost the Vatican millions and millions (if not more)—these holy people who care for us were moving abusive priests around where they did more ill to others. Lovely! I was raised as a catholic-baptised and confirmed-I don’t hate the church I just think this reverence which somehow keeps folks from critically examining the church is not helpful.
    I’m certainly no expert but it seems like the catholic church could do with some updating…papal infallibility, the church’s stance on birth control, no woman priests, come on!
    Also-It would do us good to remember the conditions that caused the reformation. The catholic church–which apparently we are not allowed to criticize–was selling indulgences-free passes to heaven. hmmmm And taxing people and selling positions within the church hierarchy–the Vatican remains today-a very very wealthy organization with vast holdings. Makes you wonder how the humble Jesus would feel.

    Maybe the catholic church could update all it’s archaic doctrine that is not based on the teachings of Jesus.- all the secrecy doesn’t help either.
    When I look at all the photos of the Popes most recent visit to the US I’m struck by all the pomp–the fancy clothes, the big hat–not the humility by which christians have been taught (Christ’s teachings) to live.

    –sainthood always puzzled me. Although growing up I thought all the saint story were cool. I’m sitting here wondering if there is precedent for sainthood in the bible?

    And finally, I know the catholic church does much good-my parents, still devout, serve their community through their parish–that’s great…let’s stick to the stuff that brings us together not wedges us apart.

      • I always love how people criticize the Pope for wearing ‘fancy clothes,’ as if it was somehow luxurious to wear the miters, copes, gloves, etc. that have been a part of papal regalia for the last few hundred years. They are marks of office, not some kind of ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous’ bit.

        But in what way does wearing a business suit communicate the humility of Christ? Or the silly ‘dressed down’ look of a lot of megachurch pastors?

  7. I’m sorry, but every image of Padre Pio’s hands indicate some type of skin condition, something severe, like a harsh case of psoriasis, eczema, or scleroderma (which my friend has, is horribly painful, and looks just like pictures of Padre’s hands). Great man, yes! But, people, wake up! Stop depending on others to manifest God in your life. Realize your divinity within the Christ and cultivate the characteristics of the Christ in your own life. The body, mind, and spirit are powerful yet very subtle – don’t be fooled, enthralled, or transfixed by the devilish powers of the mundane world… I PRAY YOU WAKE UP FROM YOUR DREAM.

      • Yes,its a little ridiculous to think that it’s a simple medical condition. When it comes to miracles the vatican knows there will be skepticism so they bring in “outsiders” to give their medical opinions as well as church goers. But catholic boy is kinda right. You can’t put your dependence and faith in the will and actions of others. You have to let yourself “fall into the hands God” to put it softly.

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  9. Padre Pio is a holy, most venerable saint. He did not fake is stigmata. The catholic church is neither evil nor inept.

    Those of us that work hard and earnestly enough to enter into eternal paradise can ask Padre Pio whether or not he was faking. Until then, I’m going to have faith.

  10. I’m Catholic. In internet discussions, I usually defend Catholicism.

    I do not venerate Padre Pio. I’ve read a lot about him, and met those who do venerate him (I am Catholic and know a lot of Catholics) but I’ve never come across any reason to regard Pio as saintly.

    Catholics have always regarded Pio with suspicion. It’s not hard to find that out. His own church investigated him, denounced him, and restricted his activities. *Some* in the church supported him, and, in the sense that he was canonized, his supporters won a victory.

    but that victory does not erase the many Catholics, allegedly including Pope John XXIII and Pope Benedict XVI, who suspected him.

    Jesus is my ultimate role model. Jesus healed the sick and preached good things. He also died for humanity. Since Jesus died for us, no one else has to. If Padre Pio really did have miraculous stigmata, which I sincerely doubt, because God’s aim can’t be that bad — Romans crucified through the wrist, not through the palms — Pio’s stigmata has no religious significance. Jesus died for mankind. Not Padre Pio. Jesus was the son of God. Not Padre Pio.

    Jesus said, “Judge a tree by its fruit.” The cult of Mother Teresa has inspired young women to become nuns who serve the poor, and young men and women to volunteer to serve the poor on a short term basis. This is a Christian thing, obedient to Christ’s demands.

    What has the cult of Padre Pio produced, other than a lot of money for his hometown, and tacky tourist items?

    That is a sincere question, not a sarcastic or rhetorical one. If Pio is truly Christ-like, his cult will have produced Christ-like fruit.

    It is possible that Pio mutilated himself out of misguided desire to imitate Christ. It is also possible that he did so to gain power over followers. It is also possible he was mentally ill. During his own lifetime, as part of official church investigations, responsible Catholics advanced these theories.

    As stated above, if those of us who doubt Pio are incorrect, the best way to reach us is through rational argument, not through anger, name-calling, claims to infalibility, or sarcasm.

    I most appreciate the posts that claim that Pio guided pilots and that Pio used the carbolic acid to sterlize needles. I appreciate that kind of introduction of evidence and respectful discourse. I certainly consider those posts in my understanding of Pio.

    If Pio did require the carbolic acid to disinfect syringes, there is no reason why he would have kept that use secret, as the pharmacist alleges.

    • Are you truly a Catholic? I doubt it as your language emulates that of a protestant, most likely fundamentalist. The fact that you speak about the “cult” of mother Theresa or padre pio gives it away. Who you trying to kid? you aint no catholic.

    • If he was exposed by proof of fraud that would help people realize to not put any man up on A high level. DNA test for carbonic acid would show but the Vatican would have let someone do it

  11. A previous poster said this:

    “One of the miracles that got Padre Pio canonized, as I recall, was his appearance guiding Allied pilots in a squadron lost in the clouds. The cockpits of several of the airplanes claimed he was just outside their cockpit, guiding them safely onward.

    If that was indeed one of the miracles, it would be damnably difficult to fake.”

    I googled that and found a claim that Padre Pio appeared in the sky, and prevented bombers from bombing his town in Italy.

    I did not find the name of the bombers or the pilots, though.

    Without verifiable information, such stories are too similar to urban legends.

    If Padre Pio really did appear to pilots, let us know the pilots’ names, and hear their testimony first hand, rather than as a “friend of a friend” story.

  12. We have few enough heroic role models in history…it makes no difference to me whether Saint Pio repeatedly scarred himself with carbolic acid to “fake” a closeness to his Lord Jesus…many young men in Manila have literally had themselves nailed to crosses each Good Friday through the years simply to try to get share an experience with their Lord.

    Having said that, I don’t believe Padre Pio hurt himself for display purposes, or for any other reason, as there were no scars afterwards, which is kind of miraculous in and of itself regardless of WHAT was causing the images of bleeding holes in his flesh for 50 years.

    Even mascara would leave stains, one would think. Just as scrubbing the stains out would leave damage on hands no longer able to heal.

    Regardless of the stigmata though, it is what sorts of things the man stood for and against, and, yes, what the faith of millions have witnessed (or, if you are too hard of heart to suffer “witness” then they have “produced”) good through Padre Pio’s faith in God.

    And I, am most assuredly NOT a conservative Republican orthodox Catholic. I even voted against the “Catholic” choice in the 2004 election.

  13. I find it hard to believe that if his hands were burned with carbolic acid that there was no evidence of scarring at the time of his death. In fact, many attested to his hands being completely renewed and clear of any blemish.

  14. God bless one of the greatest confession masters St Pio.
    His influence to do good in the world far outweigh any synical reflections of him as a fake. He spent 10 hours every day doing confession getting rid of peoples guilt and sadness.
    As far as Im concerned this fact alone makes him a great saint. Sometimes people can’t seem to see the forest from the trees.
    I hope that I can follow his dedication to the unconditional love for others.
    May all the angels sing your praises most glorious influence. Thankyou for helping us find Jesus through your example. Amen.

  15. Yeah, several problems with the fake claim, the first and most important one being that canonization didn’t rest on that alone. The man was a walking miracle factory. Bilocation, cures, apparent ability to read souls in the confessional, the appearance in the sky blocking bombers, on and on. A few of these would have been sufficient to suggest great sanctity or at the very least something markedly out of the ordinary.

    Secondly, the carbolic acid claims rest entirely upon one request for acid. One request. With no obvious connections to the wounds in the hands. Is there evidence that he regularly sought a supply of the acid? What of the repeated examinations by doctors of the wounds? Were the wounds consistent with the damage caused by carbolic acid? I was under the impression that acid would be used to cauterize wounds, not induce bleeding, and the bleeding hands happened on a regular basis. That would seem to demand some implement for enlarging the wounds as well as acid–why not one instead of both? Indeed, if he was going to fake nail wounds, why not actually give himself nail wounds? If he was interested in faking it, why was he constantly so anxious to keep them covered, keep them out of sight, make sure to deemphasize them?

    Thirdly, Vatican investigations into the causes of saints are quite thorough. We don’t do this lightly. Furthermore, the faith does not hinge on Padre Pio, as several previous posters mentioned. We are not so desperate for miracles that we take anything that pops up. Check out some of the long lists of apparitions that occurred in this past century, and compare them to the number of approved apparitions.

    SO what we have is an allegation spun out of a single story which may or may not prove a thing. There are better reasons to doubt than this–are people so desperate to tear down any miracle that the slightest evidence against is accepted without question, while any evidence for is ridiculed and torn to pieces?

  16. Quote from the article :”Anyone who must look at a man, in order to see God, is looking the wrong way. And I see no threat to God at all in telling them that.”

    I remember it is written in the new testament of the bible, Jesus as saying “Anyone who does not love his brother whom can see, cannot love God whom he has never seen.”

  17. I wanted to state a few facts for you….first off: carbolic acid would not burn a clean wound like those found on Padre Pio’s hands, feet, AND CHEST!! Think about it….putting carbolic acid on the chest would burn right through the chest!! Another point….I too am a stigmatist! I know what it is like to bear these wounds! How do you explain the fragrance of roses??? My wounds bear the same fragrance! And I didn’t use acid. I am a simple man who lives his life around the church. One night after praying heavily and going to bed I awake to bear severe wounds that went clean through my hands and my feet. Realize the severity of your words! The Catholic faith supports those who do not believe regardless of who you are and you false prophets stand here to bash them. When have they ever harmed you. If you don’t have faith or atleast respect for the church you have no right to opinion in the church’s business. I take personal offense to the claims that you make after I recieved my touching by God. BTW, you do realize that that “holy-roller” has NOTHING to do with Padre Pio, don’t you?? Also he was NOT Catholic either. He was a radical protestant! I cannot judge your for I know not what truly lies in your heart. But take notice: “those who wield the sword are one day destined to die by it.”

    • so your open wounds smell like roses, eh?
      I’ll just take your word on that while, at the same time, recommending that you get some Merthiolate for them, which is also the color of roses..

      • Oh Please, Father Pio was a great saint, he still makes miracles, and he wouldnt think about being a vatican star, he was just a simple friar, he didnt deserve that suffering, he was calumnied by his own people, and the vatican cutted the public activity he had by many years that was so painfull…and the pain of his hands, body, shoulder, and feet, that no one desires that, would be psyco desire sometihing you cant afford, and you think everyone has the knowledge to make scientist things to fake miracles, please he was just a friar, he was stupid in that kind of stuff… reconsider who was father pio before you make a comment

  18. Imposition of one’s opinions, on another, I believe can be a sort of violence and brute-ism, in that is disregards the choices and beliefs of the individual. One can, however, do great service to an individual, in recommending to them a truth which would aid their free choice of belief because it would be truth they would be glad to have heard. And the Catholic Church tries to do this, in services of God as a Shepherd to His Flock. This distinction, I think, is what you were looking for when you described the emanating ‘political agenda.’

  19. Padre Pio humbly succumbed to the will of God, in that since he was one of the few that answered God’s call with unfailing faith. Having witnessed stigmata with my own eyes I will say that it is a miracle to the person it happens to. It is their testiment of faith that makes it admirable. It is not mine or anyone else’s place to judge, that belongs to God alone. If having the marks of Christ brought a few to their knees begging forgiveness at the feet of Christ then it did its purpose. It doesn’t matter if the marks appear in the hands or wrists. What does matter is what the marks mean to the few that bear them and the few that witness them.
    We are reminded of the humility and passion of Christ as he hung on the cross for our sins. It is not a Catholic thing especially. As a new convert I appreciate that my denomination of faith allows for modern day miracles. Miracles didn’t stop happening 2000 years ago. They continue and it gives us hope that all things in God are possible. Padre Pio’s administration to the sick was beyond reproach. Wracked by constant pain he still continued his ministry and now a hospital that bears his name has grown and continues ministring to the diseased. What better testiment does a person need upon his death?
    I find the man admirable. He dedicated himself to people. Even though he was denounced, hounded and criticized he continued going about God’s business.

  20. Your lead in on Saint Padre Pio, is quite absurd I must say. The Peer Review process by the Catholic Church is the most stringent Peer Review process in the world.

    To suggest that the axioms of this process are not followed and are based upon your misrepresentation and misuse of ‘infallibility” is preposterous.

    Come now, you appear to hold yourself out as a pragmatist, yet you do not practice it. Was this by willful design or ignorance?

  21. Don’t believe anything you read in the British papers about religion. The Telegraph had something in February about a “survey of confessions” and some kind of statistical analysis showing the frequency with which men and women sinned in different ways. It all sounded very improbable, for a vast number of purely practical reasons if no others. Since the article claimed to be based on one in L’Osservatore, whcih my university library has, I looked it up when I was passing the journals reading room one afternoon.

    No survey of confessions, no statistical analysis, nothing. A complete fabrication.
    Someone wrote a book (a href=”,M1″>the contents page of a similar thing he did some years ago). Someone else wrote an article about the history of the understanding of the capital vices. From this, someone manufactured the Telegraph (and BBC) story. Which featured a true quote (badly translated), some names (author of article, author of book’s preface) and a purely fictional context.


    (I wrote up the details, badly, here.)

  22. Oops, where’d my comment go?

    A short version, in case the other one did disappear into the ether and not into some moderation box (if the latter, delete this!)

    The British media are utterly useless at reporting religion. At least, I assume they are as crap at religion in general as they are at Catholicism. Here’s a (badly-written, sorry) summary of a pure fabrication the Telegraph ran in February.

  23. I’ve done a lot of research on this, well not first-hand, but a lot of research online and at the local chemist’s store. If he was using four grams of carbolic acid on his hands, it would definitely burn through, but, he would probably die of his false stigmata. When carbolic acid hits the blood, it basically kills everything off inside of you. You could go into a coma, but most people end up dying. If he were faking it, he would never be able to serve at mass and he would never be able to do confessions. He would be dead; that’s final.

  24. I was driving through Arkansas in my new Porsche and got lost in a real redneck part of the state, when all of a sudden Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski appeared to me in the sky telling me how to get back on course. Thanks, Bubba.

  25. You can’t have just stigmata to become a saint. There are uncountable healings attributed to him, among other things. He body was exhumed and no scars were found on his hands or feet. Regular application of acid to the skin WOULD leave scarring.

    It’s good to think critically, but don’t forget to consider all the data. The church doens’t make saints on whims…their investigations are usually the most rigorus and skeptical of all. Think about it…they name one “miracle” or “saint” that is exposed to be a fake, and all of their credibility is threatened. Think about it! Consider all the facts.

  26. I myself am a believer. Though this is my nature by birth, as I feel fortunate to be born with great faith and perception, I also have witnessed and experienced being in the company of a person who has the stigmata. Though at first it appears unbelievable, I smelled the roses around her as well as visually seeing her bleed from puncture wounds around her head. If you read about the many experiences and miracles surrounding Padre Pio’s life, no one can dispute this man’s great faith, devotion Padre Pio had for Jesus,Blessed Mother and for helping others live more in the light of God’s love.

  27. Sorry Gents

    But you are way off the mark.

    I have spent a long time researching the life of Padre Pio and there is no doubt that the stigmata was real anyone who thinks it was fake needs to look again. The whole life of this Saint was amazing. READ the books and make your own minds up !

      • I suppose it depends on what we read. Those who don’t want to believe will read everything and anything opposed to padre pio being authentic, and those who want to believe will read only positive and devoted views on Padr pio. I have done both, for some years and I have came to the conclusion that Padre pio is and was authentic. There is too much evidence such as numerous miracles, cures and visions all around the world, even today to put any doubt in my mind that this man was a Saint.

  28. God gave Padre Pio the stigmata so that people will come back to him. Why would he fake his stimata what would he gain ? he had lots of other gifts from God like to see your sins etc

    maybe people should stop looking for the negative.
    The world would be a better place.

  29. First of all, I respect everyone’s view regarding to the case of the stigmata of Padre Pio. Most of them basically sound like my parents. No offense.

    I’m deaf since birth. I’m also a “natural abortion” survivor. I have been believing in the miracle works of Jesus Christ especially His healing on a deaf man (Mk 7:32-37). Jesus, in fact, actually used sign language to communicate the deaf man.

    Click to access jesusandthedeaf.pdf

    I know many good Christian deaf people, either Catholic or Protestant, told me stories they all attended their faith healing services with a hope for hearing better. None of them were healed. A Baptist friend said he felt “something” and he thought his sins were forgiven while he’s still deaf. Meanwhile, I heard others said “Deafness is caused by sin trapped inside their bodies”. I don’t know which one of them is right or wrong. Unfortunately, many deaf people would complain why Jesus hasn’t healed them yet while many people keep ignoring them. Many of them would look down on religions.

    I heard some stories of Catholics (one of them is my grandmother) being healed, One Greek Orthodox Christian being healed, and some Protestants being healed through the grace of God.

    Last year, I was plagued with anxiety disorder. I was alone, couldn’t breathe properly, didn’t think right, thought I was being pinched by demons. I even asked for a confession with a priest thinking it would make demons go away. I was surprised I was unable to get better. I asked him again and he told me to go see a doctor. Later, thanks to “secular” teachings related to anxiety and all things become clear for me. I got medical prescription that helped improve my health condition.

    I did try to ask God to zap anxiety disorder away. Boom! Disappear! But it didn’t happen.

    I even asked God if He wants me to leave Catholic Church and be Protestant in order to be healed. Didn’t work either.

    Later I got the books related to Padre Pio and wanted to learn about him more. One rare book is authored by C.Bernard Ruffin, a Protestant Lutheran (1982), the other one best selling by Renzo Allegri, an Italian Catholic (2000). Ruffin has more details about Pio’s life while Allegri tells more stories of Pio’s bilocation. I must say I was impressed by the works of those two authors on Padre Pio’s encounters with countless critics and skeptical doctors including the one who saw Pio putting chemical into his wounds.

    Although stories may sound unbelievable to me, the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Pio is praying rosary daily with all strengths and mind and heart.

    As months have been passed, I finally understood why Rosary became a favorite prayer of Pope John Paul II. I refuse to tell you and everybody about something bigger like a tsunami in ocean than cures but instead say “You gotta try it and look hard!”


    I understand you care about and love your Church members rather than customers since God treats and loves us equally and fairly.

    Christianity is unique because you can call God “Father” while Jews and Muslims forbid it. How can Christians only rely on Father and Jesus without Mother? What kind of a Christian family only just with Father and Son? Where is Mother? She gave us Jesus too, not only Father. Jesus said to John “Behold your Mother” She is now our Mama wearing combat boots in the Book of Genesis and Revelation. Remember the phrase “enmity (war) between you and the woman”.

    I want you to remember that many women, including Christian girls, rejected me and pretended I didn’t exist, except “the woman.”

    You can say “Forgive me God for I’m about to say Hail Mary” before asking for an intercessory prayer from Mary. If you are sent to hell for saying “Hail Mary”, I will ask God to replace you with myself. 🙂

    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. (Lk 1:28) Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb (Lk 1:48), Jesus (Remember Jesus means “God Saves”) Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. (something to say from our hearts)

    Saying Rosary prayer is the same thing as reading Bible again and again since it is the prayer of the Gospel.

    If you are not convinced, I can give you an explanation about Mary in God’s Word.

    You or everyone can try this prayer below.
    It came directly from Virgin Mary who appeared to three little children during her apparitions.

    O Jesus, we know that You are sweet(Mt 11:29)
    that You have given Your Heart for us.
    It was crowned with thorns by our sins.
    We know that today You still pray for us.
    So that we will not be lost.
    Jesus, remember us if we fall into sin.
    Through Your most Sacred Heart,
    make us all love one another.
    Cause hatred to disappear among men.
    Show us Your love.
    All of us love You.
    And we desire that you protect us with Your
    Heart of the Good Shepherd.
    Enter into each heart, Jesus!
    Knock on the door of our hearts.
    Be patient and tenacious with us.
    We are still locked up in ourselves because
    we have not understood Your will.
    Knock continuously, Oh Jesus.
    Make our hearts open up to you, at least
    when we remember the passion which you suffered for us. Amen

    Trust me, IT WORKS if you recite it daily. God will know it came from Mary.

    You must be very lucky to have me to show you something special because otherwise I will be reaching out to some random people than you.

    During your reciting daily, compare with your prayers. You’ll be impressed by number.

    Please keep in mind that Rosary meditation is very distinct from Buddhist meditation, although they are similar. What is so great about Rosary meditation is that you don’t have to sit upright nor be in lotus position.

    …… what roles do the statues of Jesus and Mary play for illiterate ancient deaf people or ancient mentally incompetent people who are incapable of reading or hearing God’s Word, considering no sign language system invented back in 4th-10th century? mmm…nah, I must forbid myself for bringing up with a question like this. I will stop at this point for now.

    God Bless,
    -Ancient Deaf Christian

  30. I truly believe in the holiness of St padre Pio. Jesus worked through him. I have always believed in his stigmata, my friend however who does not believe in anything studied science for 5 years and is a industrial chemist, i asked her what would happen if someone were to put acid on their hands and feet, her reply was “it would become incredibly infected” the odour from the wound would be horrendous and she went on etc. The scars would also be huge. A beautiful rose scent could be smelt from his bleeding wounds, infact he bleed so much is was a mirical he did not become anemic. St pio it was revealed through medical documents refused a anesetic during is hernia operation, when he passed out the doctor looked at his stigmata and could not explain it. I think the many, many doctors and specialists who investigated him would have been able to tell the difference between acid burns and so on , they were not stupid. My own story comes from when my sister was told her baby twins may have downs syndrome, i prayed to st Pio with all my heart and i had the strangest smell of flowers and i could not find the cause of smell, then i remembered him. I knew from that moment they were healthy and fine and did not worry about it anymore. However at 34wks she was hospitalised with bleeding and had to give birth under general, she lost 1.2litres of blood in 10mins but prior to the op she asked st Pio to be with her, as the surgwon was about to remove her uterus to stop the bleeding it suddenly stopped to the amazement and shock of all the medical staff. She and i know and my family it was St pio, so whenever anyone tries to write he was a fake, it does not bother me in the slightest because i love him very much.

  31. praised be JESUS CHRIST! For he sent us this wonderful saint as intercessor. o and Andrew Costello, i do not approve or disaprove that you have the stigmata. email me if you have evidence because i would like to know if there is another stigmatist out there. ( i hope you are telling the truth. may almighty God bless you.

  32. It is sad and funny at the same time to see how fast some(atheists, anti-Catholics, etc.) jump on the first occasion when a Catholic controversy (in this case a mere theory)arises to start puking their anti-religious or anti-Catholic slogans. Padre Pio’s life and holiness stretches far beyond his stigmata and numerous documented facts are out there for sincere truth seekers to see. Investigate his spiritual writings for instance and you will get the idea. But to be honest, and referring to some of the intellectually bankrupt comments made above, one cannot expect much from people who put Pope Benedict and Oral Robert AND/OR Padre Pio and fake preacher Popov on the same level.

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  34. sorry, ur supposedly “controversial” article is not even worth a second glance.
    Do not misguide people, miracles happen. I am a witness to a big miracle. Belive in God and His messengers.

  35. In John chapter 4 Jesus told the Samaritan woman that ritualized & organ ized was FINISHED!

    He came to set the Captives free! And boy are deluded, religious people captive!

    Remove Jesus & His Gospel from “Christendom” and you have the means of Freedom! Trust Him & His Word and renounce ALL the religious PARASITES!

  36. Three physicians examined the wounds during Padre’s lifetime. All found them to legit. But then I guess docs that had been through world wars are just morons right? What would they know about wounds? Relative to a historian in 2011?
    This is pseudo intellectual nonsense.
    If you honestly believe he used carbolic acid to induce wounds over his hands and feet, for 50 years, then he stopped using the stuff and his wounds healed before he died, then honestly dude nothing is going to ever convince you.
    This guy was practically tortured by an unbelieving church over his many gifts. So much so this kind of stuff just makes good Catholics roll their eyes.
    Carbolic acid…. ridiculous. Ever seen an acid burn? I’m a doctor I have. They don’t look like that.
    Anyways believe what you want. A ton of stuff was said and written about padre. Lots of it negative, especially within the church and especially in the first half of his life. Padre didn’t throw in the towel.
    Until you put some honest effort into prayer or some kind of spiritual cultivation you aren’t going to get anything out of religion. You can mock it, but it won’t actually get you anywhere other than your little ego boost.
    Let the arm chair “academics” read each others nonsense. Those of us with practical skills serving our community want and need our padre.

    • Great post. I have had a love for Padre Pio since the day he died. He visited me, I was 10 years old living in England. I didn’t understand why this old priest made such an impact or even who he was. He just did, and I have personally witnessed miracles through his intercession. I have felt his presence in my life at momentous times. I am an adoptee, and when I finally decided to search for my roots, I asked Padre Pio’s intercession that my journey would be a healing grace for me and my mother. I discovered a remarkable fact. My great grandfather visited Padre Pio in 1923 before he was well known. He attended St Pio’s Mass and made his confession. When I read about this fact of his meeting Padre Pio, from his own writings, that day back in September 1968 seemed to make perfect sense to me. It is about love and being present to one another. I visited San Giovanni last September the 45th Anniversary of my first meeting with Padre Pio, and the anniversary of his death. Padre Pio, lived an authentic life rooted in the love of Christ, the Holy Mass and the sacraments. He is a transformer of suffering into love… an alchemist if you like. I just get him and I love him with a great reverence. He made Christ present not only on the altar during Holy Mass but in his whole being.

  37. Virulent atheists and pragmatic doctors were converted by Padre Pio.

    Saints have often incorrupt bodies and their internal organs stay intact. witnesses our bodies at the end of times. Yet, there was moisture in the coffins which accelerates the decomposition. This is a great mystery.

    The stigmata of Padre Pio .. One day a doctor told him: ” Because you think too in Jesus Christ you have this stigma “.
    And Padre Pio’s response: ” So, if I think hard about a beef, maybe horns will grow? “.

    If Christ sent Padre Pio.. simply, God wants to give us a peaceful in our hearts.
    Padre Pio through God, during his lifetime has made hundreds of cures, many hours of confessions, guessed the forgotten sins. Supernatural events also took place ( even at Americans during WWII ). Even Italian General Cardona (suicide attempt) was saved. Another day two gays are came to see him, but with humor Padre Pio gave them a answer.
    And today, All kinds of graces abound.
    As Padre Pio said, Pray always without becoming weary with sincerity.

    All times, the prophets, Christ and the Saints were always rejected by half the population and jealous personalities.
    We are led to have hope and to forgive ( not easy ), to have humility, be slow to anger, talk softly, to have self-control, no violence, to reconcile with God with peoples and with ourselves.
    Otherwise for nought the Christ would be died and risen..

    About sins.. God’s judgment is not an earthly court. It is a tribunal of mercy. not having fast judgments ( read Matthew 7.1–5 Judging Others ).
    A example: The good thief asked for the sincere forgiveness.. Indeed, Christ accepted.
    A Unusual example: In the Genesis.. Cain had forgotten to ask God forgiveness or He did not dare ask forgiveness. Now you know the result.

    About religion..
    In fact the word “religion” comes from the Latin language: link people among them and to designate the bond that unites piety to God.
    We are all connected at Christ, all traditions and thoughts, we are all brothers since creation.
    God gives the choice and freedom no obligation. he gives us advice in a two-faces world and aimless.. where conflict of interest and greeds are endless.
    We are destined to be like angels to replace the fallen angels in Paradise, these entities had fallen from heaven because of their pride and self-esteem.
    Also understand that this world, the Babylon (symbol of our civilization) risk to fall.

    interesting books to read:
    – “Padre Pio’s Fioretti” of Pascal Cataneo. but it is in Italian.
    – Anne Catherine Emmerich’s Visions and the Mysteries of the Old Testament ( mysteries of Creation and Adam.. a supernatural birth among other humans at that time).
    – Also Gospel of Mary Magdalene (the secrets of matter of sin and the secrets given to Magdalene by Christ.. note: in certain old tribes the kiss is the symbol of knowledge, the will, the breath transmitted ). These books and gives you a different perspective existence..

    Okay, now do the same as Padre Pio.

  38. Padre Pio was exposed to intense grueling sessions all throughout his life about the stigmata. He never asked for them but I believe Jesus wanted him to experience the pain of the crucifixion so he would be able to communicate to all who listened. When you have the mark of the Lord, he expects you to suffer with him and so it was the case with Padre Pio. As his spiritual child, I can tell you that the wounds are true. Whether you believe them or not is up to you. It was because of him that the images of Jesus and Mary appeared on me.
    Jesus, I have learned through my own experience, commits to anyone who is close to him by leaving his mark on the person. I have the image of Jesus right on my heart forming with his robes. I have the crosses appearing out of nowhere on the sides of my body and images of the Holy Mother on my back. There will be no answers for how these images formed. As of now, the mark of St. Michael is on the back of one of my palms.
    I am currently writing about what Padre Pio did for me. He is the reason why I walk today – without him, I would have perished a long time ago.

  39. Padre pio was favoured by God. His body, to this day, has not decayed. Look at the Catholic evidence for God! Its the only church with evidence to offer

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    • I hope you will become his spiritual child; only prayers can make that happen and sometimes, it happens from up there without you knowing as my story showed. In some of the pictures I have provided to the church for their investigation, Padre Pio is seen standing and watching. How he comes….I have no idea but he watches over me and after all I have gone through with witchcraft, I can only say he is the most amazing saint ever.

      • I am not sure the message went through but Paul, please check out my blog. I have been marked by the cross and I have a few guardian saints watching over me.


    • Vidal, Saint Padre Pio was a peaceful man who loved everyone. I think he would appreciate you standing up for him, but he even detered people who would violently defend him during his lifetime. I’m not trying to be harsh but I don’t think you’re helping your case. Peace!

  42. I think also taken into consideration was the fact that Saint Padre Pio bore the stigmata for fifty years straight, without infection or gangrene which in itself is miraculous, which is proof. It was not a skin condition, because there were testimonies that light would shine from one side to the other through the hole (rather grotesque, I know). Also, Padre Pio at first didn’t like to bear the stigmata and would often hide it, and would bear it sometimes in the beginning only from the orders of his superiors. Also, when he passed away the stigmata vanished SUDDENLY (not yelling, just don’t know how to italicize) instead of steadily, after having it for fifty years. It’s not like he was putting carbolic acid on/in the wounds to sustain them and then got to sick to continue on anymore. I think the Vatican would take this into consideration before approving it.

  43. Why have we not heard of any protestants getting the stigmata? Are there any? Seems that there are Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist mystics out there? Why only Roman Catholics get it?

  44. Question: “When Jesus was nailed to the cross, did the nails go through His hands or His wrists?”

    Answer: The question of where the nails were placed goes to the question of whether Jesus was crucified on a cross, pole, or stake. Some scientists have suggested that if He was crucified on a cross, as tradition states, the hands would not have been strong enough to hold His weight. Therefore, they suggest that the nails were actually in His wrists, which are considered stronger and more capable of holding His weight. Others have posited that the hands would have been strong enough, considering that His feet were also nailed and would have supported some of His weight. There is also some historical evidence that sometimes a cross would have sort of a seat to help support the crucified person’s weight.

    While historical scholars are uncertain of the nail placement in Jesus’ crucifixion, or anyone else’s for that matter, the Bible simply says that Jesus had wounds in His hands (John 20:25-27). The Greek word translated “hands” is cheir, which means literally “hands.” There is no Greek word for “wrists” in the New Testament, even though some versions translate Acts 12:7 to say that the chains fell off Peter’s wrists. But the Greek word in this verse is also cheir.

    It’s possible that the nails may have been angled to enter through the hand and exit through the wrist, but it’s just as likely that the nails were driven straight through the hand somewhere near the base of the thumb. Experiments have shown that both ways do work and either way could have been used in the crucifixion of Jesus.

    Spiritually, the wounds of Christ hold infinite significance to us and are a part of His glory, but their exact location is a minor issue. We know that there are five wounds—the hands, the side, and the feet. Although we don’t know exactly where on the hands or the side or the feet, we do know that by His wounds, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24). The wounds on His body brought about spiritual healing from sin to all who would ever believe in Him.

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