American Soldier Throws Puppy off Cliff

Warning: It is what it says it is

Little things have larger meanings. Always.

Little sounds we make with our mouths, in combinations with other sounds, make words. Words represent specific things and our feelings about those things. Those are our thoughts- our personal reflections and opinions about the connections of things and people around us- and we are enabled through them to share ourselves with other people immediately, and through time.

But all of those personal thoughts reflect larger cultural and cosmological realities, too. They reveal our commonalities, our shared values and understandings of ourselves in community contexts. The things we say and do are not isolated events. They always have larger meaning.


Thus, the horror of this video.

3 thoughts on “American Soldier Throws Puppy off Cliff

  1. The frightening aspect of it is the fact that we are looking at future Joseph Goebel’s, Adolf Hitler’s and Idi Amin’s who valued life at nothing. Wether it be a puppy or full grown dog; just the though of someone being able to perform such a barbaric deed makes me scared. It’s the twisted mind of a highly trained killer that should worry us.

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