The Rapture

Born in the bowels of early-19th Century religious fervor, the notion of imminent Rapture has diverted, and continues to divert the attention of many Christians from the presence of Jesus Right Now. A by-product of the Second Great Awakening in America, the Rapture cult is focused on what-is-about-to-happen, causing many to not only turn a blind eye to current events, but to even stand by anxiously, encouraging and applauding natural and human-caused catastrophes.

Rapture theology surfaced again this past week as one of the presidential candidates repudiated (or at least tempered) the endorsement of John Hagee, pastor of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church and popular expositor of the Rapture and its meaning for the world. The whole Rapture theory is a complicated set of scriptural proof-texting and “special revelations” that Hagee is particularly and skillfully adept at translating into easily accessible, simplistic statements that bear the stamp of ancient authority.

In doing so, I believe Hagee also appeals to some of the worst instincts in human nature as well. I watched him several weeks ago. I took notes just after I heard him say the following because it epitomized everything that disgusts me about this Jesus-perverting teaching of Jesus’ soon-to-be arrival to rescue his beloved from the jaws of the Antichrist:

[After the Rapture] ..”we’ll have have front row seats as we watch the Valley of Armageddon fill with the blood of the enemy.”

Key words in that statement:”We” and “the enemy.”

The Rapture cult is all about ‘us’ and ‘them.’ That is one of the universal characteristics of ALL fundamentalist systems; i.e., there is an “us” on the inside, and a group of “them” outside the accepted orthodoxy, whatever brand of orthodoxy it is which is being espoused. This is something basic to the darker nature of humanity, it seems- the need to be counted among those who are saved and the ability to determine who is not saved. Sales organizations do it, some Muslim factions do it, many American Christian groups do it, and even towns do it during football games with their main rivals. Amway people are ready at a moment’s notice to point out the flawed ingredients used by Proctor and Gamble. Islamic Jihadists need “The Great Satan” in order to exist. And Springfield hates with a vengeance those cheaters from Smalltown who suck up to the the referees.

The need to identify an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ on the part of Hagee and the Rapture Ready cultists is an old and ancient tradition that has led to countless wars and much torture. The need for such separation among people does not arise from Christian impulses; it rises from the human ego- the need to be “better than” someone else. And the desire to see others- even the so-called ‘enemy’, swimming in their own blood- well, that comes from the most debased of human values.

All of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus have made the mistake from time to time of projecting our own personal characteristics onto the person of Jesus. It’s why Jesus is often unrecognizable when one tries to compare what they’ve learned about him with what the gospels say. Both capitalists and socialists can claim him as their own, just as slave-owners and abolitionists once did. Right now, it simply happens that many who are fearful of the modern world in which they find themselves, and who are having many old and traditional “truths” kicked out by science from underneath their clay feet, are retreating into the gnosis of the Rapture, as a means of ultimate escape.

So be it. They can be wrong with a host of others, beginning with the Apostle Paul, and extending now into the Rapture profiteers like Hagee and the Left Behind authors, and all the ancillary businesses that their mistaken beliefs have given rise to. They can keep their eyes aimed at future clouds in the East if they want to; I’m just afraid they might miss Jesus walking among them in the meantime. That’s the real tragedy of this dismal doctrine.

Here’s Hagee, explaining the Rapture as he sees it. Let me know if you hear anything about God’s grace during the presentation:


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  1. not everyone who believes in the rapture is, as you have depicted. To expose false interpretations of scripture is one thing, but to lump all those who believe in the sudden departure of the saints, as deluded, is another. The rapture is not a doctrine which came on the scene in the 19th century. It is clear from more than an isolated text or two in scripture and was clearly the expectation of Paul. Just because some people use scripture for their own profit does not make the teachings they misuse, false. Many have used “saved by grace through faith” to excuse a lifestyle that is not in accord with godliness. In the end those who misuse scripture will answer to God and we are all to “rightly divide the word of truth”, Vince.

  2. Matt 24, re: Jesus’ apocolyptic sayings: “34I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.”

    While I won’t hesitate to say that I think Paul was mistaken in some of his ideas, I have trouble with this saying of Jesus. Most of the people I read for help try to streeeettttcccchhh the word “generation” into a 2000 year long word. They’re usually the same people who will go to the mat regarding a 24 hour “day” in Genesis.

    Any help?

    (and..noticing an “au” attached to your address I’m betting that you might have a much more ‘hearable’ approach to rapture theology than Americans have the opportunity to hear. We hear about it almost exclusively in red, white, and blue language which makes U.S. support of Israel the centerpiece of all things holy..)

  3. First, let me say, I am not a theologian. For many years I wandered around in the wilderness of religion but for the past twenty years I have believed in Jesus as my saviour and am fully convinced that in Him alone is life and hope for all who come to Him.
    As far as Matt 24:34, Jesus has just spoken the parable of the fig tree and “this generation” is directly related to the fig tree. If the fig tree is pointing to the future nation of Israel which would be raised up from the nations to which they were taken in chains in 70ad by Titus and the Romans, then I would think that the gereration alive when the nation came into being would be a likely explanation. I believe that all scripture is inspired by God and everything will happen as has been foretold.
    “Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will never pass away”.
    As for the return of the Jews to Israel, it is foretold so much in the old testament that the church which didn’t believe that the scriptures would be fulfilled devoloped all kinds of unbelieving theories to prop up their “faith”.
    If we take God at His word and take all things in their context and don’t spiritualize things just because we don’t understand them we will keep ourselves from alot of error.
    Obviously no person has all the answers and I have alot to learn and will continue to learn with God’s help until I see Him. I have no desire to argue with any one but I would love to be of some help to any person who wants to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Since I was saved I’ve found many gems in the scrptures that have been a great encouragement to me. Vince.

    • vincentlyonsden I couldn’t have said it better myself and I thank you.
      It really is such a warm feeling hearing the love of God come straight out of your heart, just trusting Him without debating and just causing others confusion and fear.
      One thing I truly believe is that the Lord gives us (who truly love Him) peace that only comes from Him just as He said in John 14
      I have said these things to you while I am still with you. But the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I have said to you. peace I leave with you my peace I give to you.
      I do not give to you as the world gives.
      Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid
      You heard that I said to you,
      I go away,and I will come to you.
      You heard me say to you, “I am going away, and I am coming to you.”
      If you loved me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father, because the Father is greater than I.
      And now I have told you this before it occurs, so that when it does occur, you may believe. I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming. He has no power over me but I do as the Father has commanded me, so that the world may know that I love the Father. Rise, let us be on our way.

      The Lord was so encouraging and comforting to those who loved Him, He left them with peace not worries and fears.
      We are to trust and rest in Him because of His divine love that He has for us, no one can pluck us out of His hands just as He said in (John 10:28-29)
      We could never be in better hands.
      He also promised us the comforter (the Holy Spirit)
      There are so many who are trying to put so much fear in the believer but if we have fear then we know this fear given to us is not from God, nor is any confusion from God.
      For God is not the author of confusion but of peace.
      1 Corinthians 14:33
      The Lord has told us that He will never leave us helpless, but instead of encouraging one another and reminding each other that the Lord promised to keep us safe were facing so much discouragement.
      whatever the Lord chooses to do we are safe in His hands.
      I will never debate Jesus with anyone but I will hold the things He has shown me very close to my heart, with peace.

      2nd Thessalonians 2:3-10 clearly tells us that the Antichrist (man of sin) cannot be revealed on earth until the Church is removed from the world.
      We are the church 🙂

  4. The rapture was one of the first of the major evangelical doctrines that I abandoned. I believe it is ‘escapism.’ When sold as a ‘way out’ of death, it becomes another snake oil to be peddled by the revivalists. It leaves many believers unable to cope in a meaningful and dignified manner with their own impending deaths.

    It’s also been one of the leading reasons, I believe, evangelicals have such dismal records on environmental issues. According to them, the earth is here under our dominion, and for all the talk of stewardship, there is little concern for the quality of life we are leaving for generations to come, because they believe that Jesus will return and take them home.

    As you so eloquently pointed out, it becomes a dividing line for who’s in and who’s out. How many Christians live with secret fears that maybe they haven’t been good enough to be ‘caught up’ in the rapture and will be ‘left behind’? What does it say about the love and grace of God that He would leave those behind to be witnesses and recipients of unimaginable suffering and catasrophe, bearing in mind that it’s only a dress rehearsal for eternity in hell. Sick, stuff. Just really, really sick.

  5. I’ve heard so many people pray publicly for the Rapture to happen “tonight.” Wouldn’t a real follower of this “brand” of Jesus want it delayed as long as possible; after all, they consider Jesus to be completely dependent upon them for the saving of lost souls. If Jesus comes tonight, it would follow, then a whole lot of “unreached sinners” will be bound for hell in the morning!

    It is one more thing to keep peoples’ eyes and hearts off of others, and on themselves.

    • Job 19:25-26 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:

      2 Timothy 4:8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that (LOVE HIS APPEARING).

      Philippians 3:20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also (we look for the Saviour,the Lord Jesus Christ)

      Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

      1 Corinthians 1:7 So that ye come behind in no gift; (waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ)

      1 Thessalonians 1:10 And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.

      This world has become very evil and I can’t imagine any Christian wanting to continue here rather then going home to live with their Savior.
      God said “His word would be preached throughout the world and He wouldn’t return until every one has had an equal chance to (choose ye this day whom they will serve)
      We can not force people, as much as our hearts ache for them..God promised to give everyone a chance.
      We continue to pray and reach out to the ones who aren’t believers but we also yearn for the day we can look into the eyes of our Lord and Savior.
      God Bless

  6. One a recent trek through the Rapture bulletin boards, I was struck by the number of emoticons.

    For instance:

    They’ve got an emoticon for everything. Christian knight emoticon, thumbs up emoticon, bearded Moses emoticon, angel emoticons–praying, crying, dancing, and hugging emoticons, and on and on like smurfs in their endless variety and silliness. Often, there’s four or five in a single post.

    Anyway, based upon that, I’ve decided that these are end times indeed.

    “For when man sayeth to you with symbols what man cannot sayeth to you with words, so then doth man preparest for His return.” Rev. 4: 12.

    (Put up the Bibles, I made that quote up. Pretty good though, if I do say so myself.)

  7. Did Jesus Ascend? A Quran’ic View

    The entire super-structure of the Christian faith is built on a dogma: the death of Jesus (a.s) on the cross, his resurrection, and his bodily ascension to heaven. Islam categorically rejects this dogma: “They slew him not nor crucified him.” (Holy Qur’an 4:157) Some Muslim scholars have attempted in vain to paint this episode in the colors borrowed from the Christians. But do the Qur’anic injunctions warrant this interpretation? The Holy Qur’an says: “And because of their saying we slew the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, Allah’s Messenger – They slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them. Those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.” (Q4:157)

    It is accepted that Jesus (a.s) was apparently placed on the cross, and they were determined to kill him, but they failed in their attempt and Jesus (a.s) escaped death on the cross. Allah created circumstances to save Jesus (a.s) dying an accursed death. (Deut. 21:23) There is nothing in the Holy Qur’an to suggest that “Jesus was taken up,” so much so that even Maulana Maudoodi in his popular commentary Tafhimul-Qur’an had to admit that:

    “The Qur’an is silent about the nature and the details of the matter, and does neither say explicitly whether Allah raised him bodily from the earth to some place in heaven, nor does it say that he died like other mortals and only his soul was raised to heaven. It has been couched in such a language that nothing can be said definitely about the incident except that it was uncommon and extraordinary.” (Note 195 to verse 4:157)

    That is not the whole truth. It is wrong to say that “nothing can be said definitely.” If we interpret this verse with the application of the rules of interpretation, we arrive at only one conclusion: “That Jesus (a.s) had died – that he is not living.” The same rules of interpretation have led Muhammad Asad to the following conclusion:

    “The Qur’an categorically denies the story of the crucifixion of Jesus.” (Note 171 on verse 4:157 in his commentary The Message of the Qur’an). He further goes on to explain: “There exist, among Muslims, many fanciful legends telling us that at the last moment, God substituted for Jesus a person closely resembling him (according to some accounts, that person was Judas), who was subsequently crucified in his place. However, none of these legends find the slightest support in the Qur’an or in authentic Traditions, and the stories produced in this connection by the classical commentators must be summarily rejected. They represent no more than confused attempts at “harmonizing” the Qur’anic statement that Jesus was not crucified with the graphic description, in the Gospels, of his crucifixion. The story of the crucifixion as such has been succinctly explained in the Qur’anic phrase wa-lakin shubbiha lahum, which I render as “but it only appeared to them as if it had been so” – implyng that in the course of time, long after the time of Jesus, a legend had somehow grown (probably under the then-powerful influence of Mithraistic beliefs) to the effect that he had died on the cross in order to atone for the “original sin” with which mankind is allegedly burdened; and this legend became so firmly established among the latter-day followers of Jesus that even his enemies, the Jews, began to believe it – albeit in a derogatory sense (for crucifixion was, in those times, a heinous form of death-penalty reserved for the lowest of criminals). This, to my mind, is the only satisfactory explanation of the phrase wa-lakin shubbiha lahum, the more so as the expression shubbiha li is idiomatically synonymous with khuyyila li, “[a thing] became a fancied image to me”, i.e. “in my mind” – in other words: “[it] seemed to me” (see Qamus, art. khayala, as well as Lane II, 833 and IV, 1500).”

    He rejects the theory of the bodily ascension of Jesus (a.s) and explains that the verb rafa’ahu (Lit. “he raised him” or “elevated him”), as in verses 4:158 and 3:55, “has always, whenever the act of raf (“elevating”) a human being is attributed to God, the meaning of “honoring” or “exalting”. Nowhere in the Holy Qur’an is there any warrant for the popular belief that God has “taken up” Jesus (a.s) bodily, in his life time, into Heaven. The expression “God exalted him unto Himself” in the above verse (4:158) denotes the elevation of Jesus (a.s) to the realm of God’s Special Grace – a blessing in which all Prophets partake – as is evident from 19:57 where the verb rafa’nahu (“we exalted him”) is used with regard to the Prophet Idris (a.s) (see also Muhammad Abdullah in Manar III, 316f and VI 20f).” That was Muhammad Asad commenting on the Qur’anic verses 4:157 and 4:158 in his “The Message of the Qur’an”.

    Using the application of the same rules of interpretation, Shaykh Muhammad Shaltut came to the following conclusion: “There is nothing in the Holy Qur’an, nor in the sacred traditions of the Prophet (s.a.a.w), which endorses the correctness of the belief to the contentment of heart that Jesus (a.s) was taken up to heaven with his body and is alive there even now . . .” (Al-Risalah, Cairo, vol. 10 no. 462, p. 515).

    He further writes in the same article: The word tawafa is used in so many places in the sense of death that it has become its foremost meaning: “Say the angel of death, who is given charge of you, shall cause you to die” (Q32:11). “(As for) those whom the angels caused to die while they are unjust to themselves” (Q4:97). “And if you could see when the angels will cause to die those who disbelieve” (Q8:50). “Our Messengers caused him to die” (Q22:5). “Make me die in submission and join me with the righteous” (Q12:101). It is absolutely clear from the Qur’anic verses quoted by Shaykh Shaltut that tawafa has no other meaning than taking away the soul either in sleep or death, particularly when God is the subject and a human being the object. The interpretation is also supported by Ibn Abbas. According to him, as narrated in Bukhari, Muttawaffika means Mumituka. (i.e. I will cause thee to die).

    Jesus (a.s) was a Messenger (Q5:75), a mortal (Q21:7) subjected to the laws of Allah. Allah created human beings (and Jesus was a human being) and ordained that Death shall be their common lot. Life without death has not been granted to anyone. All human beings are mortals, and accordingly must die on earth. There are numerous verses that clearly indicate that every soul must taste death: “Every soul shall taste death” (Q3:185). “Every soul must taste death” (Q21:35). “He said (to man) therein (on earth) you shall live and therein you shall die” (Q7:25). “We appointed immortality for no mortal before thee” (Q21:34). “And He it is who gave you life, then He will cause you to die” (Q22:66). “Everyone in it (earth) must pass away” (Q55:26). “We have ordained death for you” (Q56:60). “Then He causes him to die and assigns him to a grave” (Q80:21). “Verily We created man from a product of wet earth, then placed him as a drop of seed in a safe lodging, then We make the life-germ a clot, then We make the clot a lump of flesh bones, then We clothe the bones with flesh, then We cause it to grow into another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators! Then after that you will certainly die” (Q23:11-15).

    In contrast with the life of man, which must come to an end in accordance with the fundamental law laid down by the above verses, the Qur’an says that: “Allah alone is Everlasting and does not die” (Q25:25). The Qur’an lays down the principle that: “A man must die” (Q21:35), and that: “Only Allah lives forever” (Q25:58). It does not contemplate any change or exception, and it is categorically stated: “And you shall not find a change in Our course” (Q27:77). “And you shall not find any change in the course of Allah” (Q33:62). “Thou wilt not find for the law of Allah aught of power to change” (Q48:23). “Thou wilt not find for Allah’s way of treatment any substitute, nor wilt thou find for Allah’s way of treatment aught of power to change” (Q35:43).

    The fundamental principles, wherein there can be no change (Q27:77) are: (i) a mortal must die (Q3:185) and (ii) a mortal cannot live forever as only Allah lives forever (Q25:58). The application of these principles forces us to believe that Jesus (a.s) must have died a natural as he was a mortal, a human being subject to all divine laws (Q21:7-8; 25:20; 5:75). How could Jesus (a.s) escape death (Q3:103; 20:55; 2:28) when Allah says: “Wherever you are, death will overtake you, though you are in towers raised high” (Q4:78).

    Conclusive proof that Jesus (a.s) died a natural death is furnished by the verse Q5:117. Allah is said to remonstrate with Jesus (a.s) and enquires if he taught his followers: “Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah” (Q5:116)? Jesus (a.s) is made to say: “I said nothing to them except that which Thou didst command me: serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord. And I was a witness over them as long as I remained among them, but when Thou didst cause me to die (i.e. after my death) Thou hast been the Watcher over them and Thou art witness over all things” (Q5:117). The following facts are revealed by this verse: (i) As long as Jesus (a.s) was alive, he kept a careful watch on those who followed him; (ii) but he did not know how they behaved after his death; (iii) the followers of Jesus (a.s) have gone astray.

    Accordingly, as long as Jesus (a.s) lived, his teachings were uncorrupted. The doctrine of his Divinity was introduced after his death or he could not plead ignorance. This verse (Q5:117) conclusively proves that Jesus (a.s) will not return, for if he returns to this earth, this verse is rendered void. He should have said that he had corrected his people on a second coming. He does not say so. A report in Sahih Bukhari supplements the proof provided by the verse Q5:117. It is narrated that on the Day of Resurrection, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w) would be shown some men from among his ummah being dragged towards hell. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said that he will plead: “I was a witness over them as long as I remained among them, but when Thou didst cause me to die (i.e. after my death), Thou hast been the Watcher over them and Thou art witness over all thing.” (Al-Bukhari Kitab-ul Tafseer). Note the words: they are identical to those of verse Q5:117. Since the words are the same, the same meaning must also be assigned to them. Double standards cannot be accepted.

    No Muslim during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet believed in the so called ascension of Jesus (a.s). The deniers of his (i.e. the Holy Prophet’s) mission challenged him to prove his Prophethood by ascending to heaven (Q17:93). Did Allah empower the Holy Prophet to show this miracle? No, instead the Prophet had to say: “I am but a mortal sent as a messenger” (Q17:93). The question arises: was not Jesus (a.s) a mortal? How could he ascend when the Holy Prophet could not? The only conclusion is that Jesus (a.s) must have died a natural death on this earth. If Jesus (a.s) had ascended, why did no one refer to his ascension to refute the Prophet’s argument that he was only a mortal and a messenger?

    The fact that Jesus (a.s) has died is further apparent from verse 144 of Surah Al-Imran: “And Muhammad is only an apostle, all of the (other) apostles have passed away before him: if, then, he dies or is slain, will you turn about on your heels” (Q3:144 Asad’s translation)? It is clearly indicated in this verse that: (i) the Holy Prophet Muhammad was mortal; (ii) all the Prophets before him (including Jesus) were mortals and (iii) all the Prophets before the Holy Prophet had died. Hadrat Abu-Bakr (r.a) argued on the basis of this verse about the death of the Holy Prophet when some of his companions thought that the Prophet was not dead and could not die. The Muslims accepted his arguments. If the people had believed that Jesus (a.s) or some other Prophets were alive, Hadrat Abu-Bakr’s arguments could not have satisfied the doubters in the Prophet’s death. No one referred to any living Prophet. None of them mentioned anything about the ascension of Jesus (a.s). The only logical conclusion is that they did not believe that Jesus (a.s) had ascended to heaven or was alive.

    The Qur’anic verse 75 of Surah Al-Maida negates the allegation that Jesus (a.s) is alive: “The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a Messenger; Messengers before him had indeed passed away. And his mother was a family woman. They both used to eat food” (Q5:75). The verse contradicts the claim of the divinity in respect of Jesus (a.s). It shows that he stood in need of food when he was alive. As he does not partake food now, he cannot be alive. Jesus (a.s) was mortal (Q5:75; 21:7). How could he live without food?

    Prayers and giving of alms have been obligatory on Jesus (a.s). “He has enjoined on me prayer and poor-rate so long as I live.” If, let us suppose, Jesus (a.s) has all the facilities of prayer and absolution in heaven, to whom is he offering poor-rate (zakaat), which was made essential for him as long as he lived?

    Allah is above limitations: “Vision comprehends Him not, and He comprehends (all) vision” (Q6:104). “Nothing is like Him” (Q42:11). “He is nearer to us than our life-vein” (Q50:16). “He is present everywhere, in all directions” (Q2:115). He is not sitting in any particular office giving orders. His presence can be felt. “He Is All-Knowing” (Q2:225; 58:7). If Jesus (a.s) has “gone up” and is “with Allah,” does it mean that he is also present everywhere? If so, then he cannot be a human being, for human beings cannot be present everywhere. Logic dictates that Jesus (a.s) has not gone up alive but must have died in this world. However, there cannot be any doubt that he has gone up spiritually like all other Prophets and other mortals.

    Man is essentially a social animal. He lives in the company of his mates. He will go mad if put in solitary confinement. How could it be possible for Jesus (a.s) to remain above for such a long time and still remain sane? Another question: even if we accept the proposition that Jesus (a.s) went up into heaven, who was the one who was put on the cross and crucified? Why did Allah substitute? Is not this substitution unethical? Is not this deception unbecoming of Allah? (God forbid)! This is cruelty and injustice by the canons of any “civilized law.” Allah could not substitute, for He embraces all mercy (Q40:7; 6:148; 7:156). He is Truthful and Just. There is no evidence either in the Holy Qur’an or the hadith literature showing that someone else was put on the cross.

    In conclusion, we can only say that the Holy Qur’an clearly repudiates the concept of the ascension of Jesus (a.s).

    (Interestingly, in the first edition of his translation of the Qur’an, Allama Yusuf Ali translated “inni muttawaffi-ka” (Q3:55) as “I will cause thee to die.” A similar translation is given by many others, including George Sale, J.M. Rodwell, N. J. Dawood, Muhammad Asad, Maulana Muhammad Ali, Shaykh Muhammad Shaltut, Allama Ghulam Ahmad Parwez, and so on.

    Muhammad Pickthall translates it as “I am gathering thee.” It should be noted that the language of his translation is “scriptural” and “I am gathering thee” is the Biblical idiom for “I am causing thee to die.”

    In his second and subsequent editions, Allama Yusuf Ali changed his translation to “I will take thee,” but he did not give any reasons for the change. However, in footnote 2485, he comments on “(Jesus said) So peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)” (Q19:33) as follows: “Those who believe that he never died should ponder over this vers

  8. Jonah Immanu says to Akhter and every deceived muslim:

    How extremely Satanic is the Quranic view that Jesus (Hebrew:Yeshua) never voluntarily laid His life down to save sinners among whosever of humankind believed on Him and that He rose after being slain on the cross in Roman times at the Hill of the Skulll (Hebrew: Golgatha; English: Calvary) just behind the Arab bus station in Jerusalem.
    Thereafter, arising from the dead and being ascended into heaven to be at the right hand of His Heavenly Father, He stands-by awaiting the time to refuge his faithful believers in the pre-tribulation rapture just before the Tribulation and Great Tribulation and He will totally accomplish His mission when He will return to Earth with His faithful saints and angels to establish His Millennial Kingdom, taking up His righteous title, reign and rule upon this world by establishing a Theocratic Kingdom forevermore, where mohammedism will be relegated back to the “nothingness and madness” that it became from Satan’s temporary powers over this fallen world.

    How completely daft is islam and mohammed because of mohammed’s perverse and false teachings and his being a cruel and false teacher, mohammed, who was himself a violent epileptic and who advocated violence during his life toward Christians and Jews. Our generation has seen in these last days and end-times the resurgence of islamic madness and insanity which has as its centerpiece supposed “religious” martyrs who kill others as well as their own selves in the pursuit of such a completely mad so-called “religion” which is not a religion at all and has turned people toward hatred and hateful acts, such that our fallen world is now confronting the complete “madness” of islamic suicide bombers who purport that that they are serving God, whereas, their hateful acts confirm that they serve Satan, the tue originator of such completely mad beliefs.

    When the Messiah Jesus (Hebrew:Yeshua) comes to establish the Kingdom of God upon Earth, islam and its followers will be bound (by Divine force) from interfering any farther into God’s salvation plan and design because otherwize the sheer madness of islam would be given over to “spoiling” the good things that God has prepared for those who love Him and His Messiah, Yeshua.

    In Yeshua’s Name, it is written and Yeshua Wins & Prevails according to the Bible,

    Jonah Immanu
    Christian Eschatological Author

  9. Thanks for the comment, Jonah.
    I do have to wonder what kind of dialog might be established with Muslims when that conversation is predicated by words and phrases like:

    perverse and cruel and false
    madness and insanity

    Or, perhaps a dialog is not intended? Perhaps it is better, for those you deem to be lost, to stay lost?

    Just wondering..

  10. fanatics are fanatics,does not matter whether they be christian or Muslim. Whatever your belief, go with grace and with the love of your fellow man.We all love our children, we all want peace, and the wisdom to make our world a better place. The satanic elite care not from which belief they recruit and finance their wars. I pray that the awakening continues among ALL races and beliefs, until we work together to defeat the negative satanic polarity, which invades all of society.

    • May God Forgive Jonah Immanu
      Christian Eschatological Author for what you said abou tthe Qur’an and about the Propeht Mohammad (s.a.a.w) and may he guide you in the right Direction to find the truth. (Insha’Allah= If God wills it in Arabic):
      For you do not know what you say. You need to research more on what you speak about. Islam is about peace.

      Muslims are not the Taliban, and Al’Qieda. Andrea Yeats was a christian, should I then judege all christians based on her actions of killing her children? No. So do not judge other muslims on what these terrorists do. Allah Means GOD! We all worship the same entity.

      Like Michael Grant said:
      “The satanic elite care not from which belief they recruit and finance their wars.”

      and I agree too…From Mr. Grant that, ” I pray that the awakening continues among ALL races and beliefs, until we work together to defeat the negative satanic polarity, which invades all of society.”

      Ammen! = Amen!

  11. Am very sorry for Jonah. Jonah do you believe that GOD is the creator of all creations? Do you know that its God who created people irrespective of religion? You should never mix religion and personality. Those are two different aspects. You need to repent and blame your soul for thinking otherwise.

  12. The rapture is nothing more than an awakening of the spirit, and a realization of the truth that lies at the heart of every man, regardless of which dogma they belong. And once the awakening has happened, “you are changed in an instant”. Believing in “magik” such as the fanciful ideas as our christian brothers would have you believe is nothing more than hoping for an occult spell of transmutation. All men and women banded together in love and common purpose with good intent has the power to change the world we live. That’s the real magic. Look within yourself, not hope for a magic spell to expidite you out of this life. This is but one life lived. Don’t pin all your hopes on this one life. You have lived many lives, and the culmination of what you have learned will defy your destination after this life is over.

  13. Everyone thinks their view is correct, but how can you really tell, and how important is it really?

    Both Jesus and Paul tell us to be careful that no man deceive you concerning this issue… Matt. 24:4, 2 Thess. 2:3. Peter tells us that those who don’t get it correct, “..twist the scriptures as the always do…” 2 Pet. 3:16. So obviously the warning stipulates that there is a lot of deception and twisting of the Word.

    If you are interested in the truth, you must be willing to set aside all opinion, assumption, conjecture and speculation. If you can do this the truth will become available to you. This is not an easy task, especially if you have studied a lot of man’s opinion, and therefore see through those lenses. If you, however, are new to the study, let the Bible be your guide. Otherwise, you must be able to set aside all the movies, lectures, and ideas that may have bombarded you with man’s opinion over the years.

    One certain way to understand that the Word of God has been tampered with is that certain ideas or doctrines create loose ends that must be tied up and therefore must be explained only by man. Like a child who has told a lie and must tell others to cover for the first on. These ideas create sub-doctrines that cannot be substantiated by the Word and must be explained by someone in order to be understood. You will not be able to find any explanation from the Word, because they are super-scriptural, and therefore added to the Word. For the truth to be found the idea must flow with the whole of Scripture and all “loose end” must be dealt with by Scripture, leaving no room for man to interfere.

    Here is an example of a loose end or sub-doctrine: The pre-tribulation rapture view tells us that the bride is raptured seven years prior to the second coming. That is the initial idea. However it creates many loose ends that must be explained and must be addressed solely by man. One loose end is the sub-doctrine of the tribulation saints. The tribulation saint cannot be the bride, because the bride is in heaven (according to the view). This causes many problems with the whole of Scripture; “we are one body in Christ Jesus”, the promises that apply to the bride, don’t apply to the tribulation saints, etc. How can the saints be one body as a bride, and another as separate from the bride, and remain one body? Man’s explanation of this view, tells us that the tribulation saints must become eternal heavenly servants of the bride. This in effect makes the tribulation saints greater than the bride, because, “He who wishes to be greatest in the kingdom of heaven must become a servant of all.” If that is the case, it would be more desirable to be a tribulation saint than a member of the bride. There are a lot of other complications that this the concept of tribulation saints bring, and those who carry this particular view cannot agree exactly on how this all plays out. Here in lies the problem. It is super-scriptural in nature. Not explained by the Word and therefore the end result must be conjured to make sense of it all. As a result there will be many views concerning the sub-doctrines. This is a loose end that creates a sub-doctrine that is derived and conjured by man. Be careful that no man deceive you! This sub-doctrine is a secondary lie to cover the initial.

    Another issue is a doctrine changing the Word of God to be able to accommodate their view. Peter addresses this… 2 Peter 3:16. In order for the doctrine to be received it must be taught to those with a shallow understanding of the Word.

    Here is an example of this: Luke 21:36 tells us to pray always that we may be counted worthy to escape all that is coming upon the earth… The pre-tribulation view tells us that the word “escape” in this passage refers to the rapture. Okay if that is the case, what does this concept do with the rest of the verse? “…Pray always that you may be counted worthy…” Most have the understanding that the prerequisite to being raptured is being saved. We are saved by grace and not by works or being worthy… Eph 2:8,9. However, for the word “escape” to be the rapture, we must be raptured by our worthiness and pray always accordingly. So now we are told that only some Christians will be raptured because not all are worthy, although saved. To continue this thinking, they would also loose any bride status in order to become tribulation saints. Perhaps even having to have to face martyrdom to earn their way into heaven because Christ died for the bride, and not for them. This verse creates division among those who hold the view. Some believe there is no division of those who are saved that get raptured at the rapture and some do. Overall the understanding of salvation equating those “assigned for rapture” must be severed, otherwise we would have to be saved by works, contrary to the Word. Jesus told us the parable of the 10 virgins in Matt. 25. The five foolish were not only told, “depart from me, I never knew you,” but “go to hell” as well. What they were not told is that they would get a second chance as a tribulation saint. As you can see the Word gets changed (twisted as Peter states) to accommodate the view.

    You must ask yourself, is your own desires clouding your view? Often I get asked, “Why would you want to go through the great tribulation?” As if what I want as anything to do with God’s plan. The obvious conclusion to those who ask this question is that their personal desires have clouded their perception of the truth. Is it foolish to walk directly in the direction of persecution? Peter rebuked Jesus for walking into His crucifixion. Jesus in turn stated, “Get thee behind me Satan.” Today the church spends much of their time running from taking up their cross.

    If Peter tells us that those who do not get it right concerning the view of eschatology (end times), “twist the scripture as they always do.” The “as they always do” is huge. That means that your perceptions of truth concerning your “end time” beliefs exemplifies your perception of the Scriptures as a whole. This puts great importance upon the study of eschatology. We must be lovers of the truth, if not God Himself will send a delusion upon us as stated in 2 Thess. 2 at the end of chapter.

    • I once heard a wise man say that the truth about Jesus could be stated in a single sentence: “Follow me.” or, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” or “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly,” etc. It is only human-concocted doctrines that take many many words to explain.

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