Truth- Obama, Rev.Wright, and Fox News



It’s nebulous, for sure. And so easily manipulated for the 30-second sound bite crowd by the peddlers of fear.

Watch the whole sermon by Rev. Jeremiah Wright- especially beginning at 3:00, ending at 6:24. He’s reading an opinion by a white former Ambassador- Ambassador Edward Peck– made days after 9/11/01. Fox News (surprise!) did not choose to reveal those parameter’s in its presentation of “what Sen. Obama’s pastor believes and what Obama himself must, therefore, slavishly believe as well.”


Listen to whole sermon, and see if you can’t hear a lot of it.

Ready for a little more now? Try this next one. If you choose to miss what Rev. Wright is saying here, go back to Sean Hannity on Fox News, he’ll tell you what you want to know.

But if your ears are open, even if you disagree with what he says about George W. Bush (and you might, that’s OK),  you’ll hear a perspective on the Bible that we must all hear.

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