Baby Bible Bashers- Fear, in the name of Jesus

Wow! “Baby Bible Bashers,” produced by Firecracker Films, follows three child preachers. I’ve just watched all five Youtube segments and am depressed, angry, sad, and more committed than ever to speaking, writing, and living against this kind of foulness perpetuated in the name of Jesus.

These are little children being manipulated out of a childhood by zealous adults- adults who see their children as their own redemption from failure or- in the case of one daddy- an eternal meal ticket, along with the cars and homes appropriate to being the father of an empire-building “little man of God.” The kids have much more to say about hell than love, perhaps because that is what they know best.

Young Samuel, forced onto the streets of New York City while his daddy taunts homosexuals, is simply a heart-breaking figure. His parents have made him so afraid of “long worms in hell” that he must fight to be a little boy. And that, of course, is deemed to be rebellious and disobedient, which will no doubt earn him yet another spanking.

Honest to God, I feel right now like I need to vomit. Part 1 follows, Youtube will guide you to the other four segments:


3 thoughts on “Baby Bible Bashers- Fear, in the name of Jesus

  1. Yeah, I watched this a month or two ago.

    I thought Sam was the really depressing one.

    I just about cried there at the end, cried for ihim.

    But then again, seeing the people yellling at the dad for being the monster he is restored my fiath in humanity. lol

  2. You know, I didn’t respond to this at first read, but I’ve recently encountered another child ‘prodigy’ in the religious world here: (“The Demons Begin to Stir”)

    It brings up exactly what I noticed about all three of the children displayed in the video link above. If you want evidence that they’re mimicking and repeating what they’ve been _told_, LISTEN TO THEIR VOICES. I’ve done a lot of vocal study, and one thing that was emphasized to me is that children know how to make appropriate, healthy sounds, all day long and for hours each day, with no ill effects. Unless, of course, they have picked up bad vocal habits from those around them.

    The kid in the film I linked is yelling in an unhealthy way; the little blonde boy in the video above is deepening his voice in an unnatural way; the girl in the video screams herself into hoarseness. This is not natural; it is learned.

    It’s not a direct proof that they are spouting ideas that don’t come from within them. But I think it’s pretty compelling.

  3. They are also talking about ideas- abstract ideas- that a 6-7 year old is only vaguely becoming capable of. Ask the kid a single question about evolution aside from the monkey answer he’s memorized, and he wouldn’t have the slightest idea what was being asked. The little blond boy knows about God’s love/anger/jealousy only through the demonstration of his parents. (“Turn the camera off”- *WHACK*).

    These are fairly good child actors, nothing more. They will all leave this so-called “faith” behind around the age of 15-16-17 when the ability to think critically begins to shape their thoughts, opinions, and actions.

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