I love reading and writing and talking.

Too much, perhaps. My interests are wide and varied, and this blog has reflected that. There is little coherence- which is as I like it- but there’s only a relatively few others who do, too. So it seems.

I’ve got to find another venue, another theme, another means of focusing. Scatter-brained is as scatter-brained does. Or something..

Another blog may appear. If you are interested in knowing about it when it does (if it does), you’ll be the first to know if you send me an email so I have your address. Use this one: thefirstmorning@yahoo.com.

There will be one more post here, sometime between the 14th of this month and the end of the month- a little chronicle of my youngest daughters wedding.

In the meantime:

I love you. God is bigger than any of us can imagine. Get involved with Kiva.org. And support Obama.


2 thoughts on “Over

  1. I like what you have to say and I like that you are so willing to share your views even if they might stir people up sometimes…we need stirring!

    Who says you can’t be scattered? was there a law written that I don’t know about? 🙂

    I hope all is well…I know you are dealing with a lot!

    Elise B.

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