I’ve Changed My Mind About Obama !

After discovering that Obama is the anti-christ, I’ve decided to switch my support.


Turns out that Barrack Hussein Obama even has an inverted pentagram- a symbol of Satan- shaved into the back of head! I know it’s hard to believe, but IT’S ON THE INTERNET! So it must be true!

I know, I know..Obama said he was a Christian in a Chicago Sun Times interview in January of 2007, but read the article closely. He says that being a Christian is “complicated” and that he “didn’t grow up in a particular faith tradition.”  Which gives me reason to doubt his public affirmation, in his 20s,at the Trinity United Church of Christ that he had chosen to make Jesus his Savior. Real Christians KNOW that a public, confessional walk down the aisle at church means nothing compared to saying the right words, going through the right motions, and having the right bumper stickers!

bumper sticker

And real Christians support the president! Real Christians know the right people to vote for, and the right people to shun. Real Christians belong to the Center for Moral Clarity or Focus on the Family or the Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated, who understand what Obama really stands for:


Real Christians are concerned about witchcraft in Alaska and Africa. Real Christians know that God’s creatures and resources were put here by God himself for humans to exploit, kill, and use in whatever ways they see fit to use them!

So, I apologize to anyone I’ve led astray. I’ve seen the Light! I’m voting for candidates anointed by God this time- people with special insight and vision. No more namby-pamby Sermon on the Mount stuff for me!!


We are the Ones!!  🙂

13 thoughts on “I’ve Changed My Mind About Obama !

  1. Take the pills… even when the voices tell you not to. In fact, it’s especially important to take them when the voices tell you not to.

    At roughly this point in 2000, VP Gore had a similar lead but lost.

    I am particularly suspicious of the registered voter polls vs. the likely voter polls. What’s our turnout for presidential elections… isn’t it something close to 50%? Polls of registered voters don’t tell us much because over a third of them can’t be bothered to stand in line at a polling station.

  2. hhahah..I write things like this to relieve the very tension and concern about the polls you are describing! The great factor this time, even moreso than 2000, is the energy and commitment of the college kids and 20-somethings. God I hope they don’t begin celebrating too early!

  3. Way to vent through satire sir.

    I had tried to do that the past few weeks and ended up removing it because the hate mail was getting me down.

    Perhaps mine was too subtle.

    I hope this day finds you well,


  4. hehehe, well done

    But be careful, folks are easily offended especially when you step on their toes, beliefs and their stories about how the world works.


  5. eviglio- amen..!

    I know you see who this piece is aimed at, and it’s not the many people who truly do support McCain out of sound convictions (no matter how wrong I think they might be!) I am surrounded by such people and I care deeply for them no matter who they’re voting for.

    But there is that underbelly- the religious dogmatists and the racists who will use any excuse so they don’t have to say ‘nigger’ out loud. There are those who will roll over for Palin just because she says a few right “Jesus” words (in English and in tongues) and who only know about Obama that he had a preacher who said “goddam America.” (A sermon which, when listened to in its entirety, with the tiny soundbites in context, may be the most brilliant, truly patriotic sermon I’ve ever heard!)

    anyway, thanks! and blessings!

  6. I was watching the second debate with a group of PUMAs and we actually did notice the bizarre pentagram on the back of Obama’s head. It was a major topic of conversation (and jokes) for that evening. There was definitely something there on his head. Now whether or not it’s Satanic is a whole other story, but the pentagram was clearly visible to us in HD.

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