10 thoughts on “Why I’m Still Nervous About The Election..Despite The Polls

  1. Only time will tell. Not long now.
    This ‘nigger’ thing reminds me of a black person I know saying that she is not racist, that I am racist (I am white.) yet she comes out with “I felt terrible, I was the only black person there.” What does that tell you?
    No one else thought of her as being black only her, and ‘they’ made me feel terrible! Boy don’t we whites have a lot of power. Get a life, Get over ‘nigger’. I am white, the Chinese are Yellow, Arabs are brown. Who cares? Oh Yes, that’s right. Only the blacks.

  2. Barry,

    I live in one of the bluest of blue states so it may be an easy thing for me to say, but please have HOPE!

    I hear the same things as you, the same undercurrent of hatred and divisiveness coming form a small but vocal minority of our fellow countrymen.

    More disturbing to me, I hear them exhorted on by leaders of their party and other surrogates for McCain, and no voice of reason or sanity from within their party standing up to it.

    But strangely, that is what gives me hope. I believe that the bigots and racists who have raised their voices against Obama have awoken the real Americans, the decent, moral, and genuine people who have moved past race and divisiveness and are standing up for change, the change we need.

    I can see it and feel it all over where I live, and in just a few short days, I think our country will see it also. We will see the dream of Dr. King and all the others who have come before us take a giant step forward.

  3. Even if Obama was Muslim, how would that matter? It reminds me of when an old lady made a remark into a microphone to McCain at a rally that Obama was an Arab and McCain instantly negated him being an Arab by saying that Obama is a good family man. I don’t know if it was a spur of the moment deal or what, but is he implying that Arabs aren’t family loving people? In addition, not all Arabs are Muslim nor are all Muslims Arab. Why do people care about his race and religion, I do not know. I’m hoping the younger generation doesn’t hold on to the older generation’s bigotry when they themselves have grown old.

  4. BHO has excellent oratory skills. God damn Obama! He’s a nice guy.

    Is that how the right should perceive it?

    Barry, don’t label all the right as haters, we’re not all the same. And after all, wasn’t it your political ilk who argued against stereo-typing? Sheesh, have some consistency, would ya?

  5. I am very worried…I am biting my nails…

    it seems like people are prone to believing the lies McCain, Sarah and the campaign are telling consistently and often…

    I think it is because most of us are not Politicians and we are honest/naive in ways that Politicians have learned to not be honest in order to survive…Remember that these people have Political Science degrees and many are lawyers too…they know their way around a lie!!!

    We would not usually think of saying the outright lies that are being told, so we don’t believe they can be lies…”how can these be lies?…(and some of us just want the lies to be true, so we are happy to believe them so we do not have to use our minds any further and can stay in the ideology that we feel safe with and that makes us feel important and correct) there has to be some basis of truth to them or they would not be told…” is what I believe happens in the minds of good people…I even catch myself believing the lies and need to talk myself through it and work it through that McCain is so far behind that he has nothing to lose at this point by saying these lies…what he says is so far at odds with everything that I see when I watch and hear Obama and his campaign that I can get my bearings back again and again…but most do not take the time to work it through and just believe it…It scares me because this is our future and our country…it is so important to really dig in and let ourselves know the truth that the Republican Party at this time needs a break to regroup and get themselves together. It does not mean that they are bad people, it just means that they are not the right group to handle what we need handled in this point in history…that’s all…maybe later on it will be better for us to utilize the best of what the “R’s” have to offer-when they get back to the basics and get centered more.

    And, I do belive McCain has made a huge tacticle error by listening to the Frat Boy Pranksters that are running his campaign…it is very sad and I do feel bad for McCain because I think he would have run a completely different campaign had he been able to do what he wanted to do..but this still kills his argument that he is his own man and a Maverick…

    I am most afraid of the Voter Supression that is going on everywhere…I just received a very glossy, high style card from who knows where, giving me the address of my voting site…it has given a different address than what I have on the little yellow card i received from the Election Board a few months ago…I am on top of this but most are not and it will likely change the trajectory of the end result I am afraid…so we might want to prepare ourselves that Obama will not be our next President I am sorry to say..and saddened to say…I hope my usually “right on” intuition is way off mark this time…sometimes my antennae are not correct!

    My gut tells me that we really need Women and African Americans to reach inside their hearts and do the right thing and make sure they vote and fight anyone that tells them their voice does not matter or they will be arrested for past traffic offenses if they vote or that they can’t vote because of some weird and unfair law!!

    Thanks for listening to me!

    Elise B.

  6. Elise..read Steve’s comments above. Because I hope, too, that he is right and whether Obama wins or not, I believe that the “underbelly” has been seen in a way that will cause it to continue to wither. I hope. I hope…

  7. Hi Barry,

    Yes…that is something I have been coming to see myself and I have been able to see somewhat that if McCain is elected, he is going to have to perform…he will have a lot of pressure to make good on his words (Obama has awakened something in many of us and he must know thid) and I think deep down he is an honorable man..I really do…I simply wish he had chosen to do this campaign in a way that reflects how honerable he is.

    Thank you!


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