3 thoughts on “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

  1. YES WE DID! I remember the night I shared with you watching Obama speak in Ft. Worth. Your following post said something along the lines of my hopes that my soon to be born son at the time would be born under an Obama administration. I often think of those words and I took great pride in bringing Ben to the Democratic watch party for a while tonight. He will not remember but I will gladly show him pictures and I hope upon hope that his life is somehow better due to this man that brings hope to me. I’m happy I could do my part in bringing this change. Thank you for your words. . .all of them.

  2. It is so amazing isn’t it!? He will have his first birthday in a country through which a different wind will have begun to blow!

    And we’ll have a president who can speak, and think, and reflect. There is so much more to this even that Obama himself..

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