Goodbye, George W. Bush

On Tuesday, Barack Obama will become our 44th president of the United States. At the same time that is happening, George W. Bush will be on his way to his pretend ranch in Crawford or to his new cul-de-sac digs in Preston Hollow, in Dallas. I really don’t care where he is going; I am simply relieved that he will be gone.

Obama will swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Preamble to that document is always worth reviewing:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

It is also a worthwhile thing to remember that when that Preamble was written, persons of African descent were not included in the phrase “we the people.” But that’s another day’s topic. Today, I want to say goodbye to the 43rd President, and urge the 44th President to uphold and and defend the Constitution in all ways– among them, the investigation and possible prosecution of his immediate predecessors for falsely and knowingly leading us into a war that has cost 5000 American lives, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives.

Scroll down the pages of this blog and you’ll see that I’ve changed my mind on that subject; it was not long ago that I simply hoped Mr. Bush would fade away. But when he spoke, at his final press conference earlier in the week, of one his greatest regrets being the inability of Allied forces to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, I was pushed- hard- from the “compassionate” attitude I had taken toward him. 

His greatest regret; the thing which he regrets the most about his presidency…is that his predication for the war was not vindicated. Forget the thousands of new terrorists which have been ideologically birthed over the last six years; forget the suffering of American, English, Canadian, and Iraqui families who have lost so many sons and daughters while  our armies desperately sought phantom evidence that would- for once and for all- prove Bush was right about at least that one thing; forget about “Brownie” and the administration’s “dress for success” shirtsleeve response to Katrina’s meteorological rape of the Gulf Coast; forget the $12 billion per month which has been landing in the bottomless coffers of everyone with a round round of ammo to sell the federal government, or the wiping out of pensions because Wall Street traders came up with formulas the SEC couldn’t make sense of let alone a commander in chief who seemed to parade with pride his inability to speak (which, in his case, is a pretty good indicator of his inability to think); forget all those things. BECAUSE WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT IS THAT THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION TO BE FOUND!

I know that increasingly tiny band of Bush supporters and defenders continues to believe that history will be kind and that, in retrospect…whatever and yada, yada, who cares?

I’m done with Bush, on these digital pages anyway. I’ll join in cleaning up the mess that’s been left, although I’m not sure this mess can be entirely or ever cleaned up. We’re all going to be forced to try, however, if we want anything resembling the United States as it was, to be passed on to the generations to come, who will be paying for this mess.

Hello, Barack H. Obama..</

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, George W. Bush

  1. Well said, Barry. The final “farewell” press conference was the final nail in the coffin. It was a pathetic pack of lies. He had a chance to go away gracefully, but instead he used that opportunity to try to polish his tarnished image, and in so doing completely missed the entire point of our collective grief at his ineptitude. He still doesn’t get it. He never will.

    So long, George. May your the memory of your time in office fade fast.

  2. So….
    fast forward two years later…
    War is still going on in the middle east (Obama, our “savior” actually commits 30,000 more and counting. and now we are adding Libya to our list of enemies…

    I hate war. War is proof that Darwinism is false, it proves that thousands of years of “evolution” really produces nothing in the way of enlightenment. We are very stupid and broken beings in dire need of a saving God.

    But I’m currious.

    Why don’t I see you guys pouring out h8er-aid on Obama like you do on Bush? Why is it that “left of center” folk will turn blind eye after blind eye to their constituents and poor out such hatred for the “right side” (I use quotes because I do not agree that the right is “right”). If you truly hate war (and for goodness sake, we all should) and hate the fact that lives are ripped apart because of it, then why are you not crying out now for the injustice! Where is your criticism of Obama???

    I think that your politics blind you and keep you from being objective?

    Politics is politics.
    politics can only serve to meet the selfish needs of those who are in power.

    Humans are humans.
    Every human on this planet is created by God with his image (Osama Bin Laden included, and Barack Obama, and (GASP) George Bush too) and is dearly loved by God – He loves them just as much as he loves you and me! Now the fact that we have humans insisting on killing other humans is a serious matter and if there is a way to stop them short of hurting them or innocents, I WANT TO KNOW! but for crying out loud, the “us vs. them politics” is KILLING ME! I did not vote for Obama, and I disagree with him on certain issues, but I WILL NOT demonize him! I honestly wonder if Republicans and Democrats aren’t BOTH EVIL? But I don’t hear anyone admitting this. I am tired of the polarizing and the demonizing. and I think that the majority of us are too, and if this keeps up, we will no longer care at all about the American system, because we are only taught that we either get our “party” in power or else we do not support the system at all – scorched earth (pun may be intended)…

    Decide today that everyone (and Dammit! I mean everyone) are our brothers and sisters!
    Love your enemies and quit acting like childish hypocrites! Be willing to admit that man-made systems (even yours) is not the answer.

    • “Our” savior? He might be yours, but I can’t imagine anyone else who call him that, if they ever did.

      And the article does contain a terrible error. Now we know that George Bush’s greatest regret was being called racist by Kanye West..good lord.

  3. Ay lad, I give ya that… in correction, you (to my knowledge) never called Obama your savior. I got you confused with another koolaid drinking democrat LOL!!!

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