Time Out..Gaza is still occupied


I’ll resume my discussion of tribalism and fear, but I think we ALL need to be periodically shocked (right down to our socks), by a glimpse of how despicable humans can be when they’ve got “God on their side.”

And if you can stand it, here’s a slide show. This was all happening last December while we here in the U.S. were concerned about retail sales and the GNP, and whether or not that son of a bitch behind the counter at Target would say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holiday.”


Meet me at Starbuck’s in the morning and over a double latte and orange scones; we can argue about teabags, then head to the mall.

2 thoughts on “Time Out..Gaza is still occupied

  1. A Capital Defense

    something something jesus, something God,
    something Founding Fathers, something 9/11
    (and 12), something holocaust, something Axis
    of Evil, something Sand Niggers, something
    Saddam, something democracy, something Black
    September, something united nations,
    something justice, something Nuclear
    Capabilities, something that will likely
    happen to You, something that would never
    happen to Me

    Holy land, Hollywood, Homily


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