Go lie on the earth. A long time. Watch. And listen up..


I spoke to Moon, Goodnight..

Nice tsunami today..

Were you the father, or the mother?

Listen to all the stuff I am talking about..listen because I have a lot to say and because it needs to be said (spoken,heard,remembered,relished) and- listen now- because it matters it does, listen (shh! I’m talking!) there are things that matter and will matter (make a difference) in the long run (and soon, very soon, too) please. Please, listen..

dinosaurs (all kinds), dragonflies the size of ducks, Siddartha, earthworms, pinworms, ringworms, Y’shua, chipmunks, whales when they still walked, cephalopods, termites, giraffes, slugs, shamen, SWAT teams, syncophants, swindlers, sword swallowers, sea slugs, frogs, Madonna, Gilgamesh: more noise. Much noise. Their noise.

Shh, please listen now..

to me.

Me, Goodnight..

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