Psalm One, Meditatio Divina


Psalm 1



with unfolding frequency to those

who sit

and wait


apart from the incessant inanities

of fear-mongers and fashion mavens

who say

(and say and say and say):

“Grab happiness, Buy happiness,

Hoard happiness, Begrudge happiness;

Lust for it, fight for it, demand it,

Pray for it

loudly, often, and publicly

in expectation, jealousy, and insatiability.”

You, close your eyes to that

manufactured tempest.

You, see the windstorms of

chaff-like wicked-ness

that have blown through the years.

You, thrust the seeds of your Wonder

Deep into the flood plain of God.

Let your roots spread and thicken in

the rich silt and dark mud at the River’s edge

and feel the Tree of Life (You!)

becoming the cool shade and rest (You!)

for others (Others!) who choose also

to Live..

@David B. Weber 2009

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