Psalm Three, Meditatio Divina

vbs and maiden voyage 095

Good Lord, what a mess!

(I think to myself over and over again)

How can so many things be so terribly wrong?

(and again and again and again)

So I lie down and breathe.

(because it is all I can do) I breathe.

And the chattering, the judgment and

the condemnation (yes, especially that)

are quieted.

I lie down and breathe.

And Who I Am is revealed again.

I Am not afraid

I Am alive!

I Am better, bigger, and brighter

than the dark noise of my heart.

Lord, bring me back always to the blessings of

These Moments.

Lord, deliver me from the clanging gongs

of yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s anxieties.




©David B. Weber, 2009

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