Hello? This is Nancy at the Care Center..is this David?

This is Nancy ____ at the Care Center, is this David?


David, we’re calling about your mother, you know she fell earlier today..


Well she fell again and there is a cut on her right arm, not a big one but we’ve taped it up.


We think she may have had a stroke which caused her to fall, she’s favoring her right side and her face is drooping a little that way too..right now she is just sitting and is not able to get up and walk like she usually does, you know?


We’re just going to put her to bed for the night and look in on her and then have the Dr. stop by in the morning. We’re almost certain there is no breakage in the hip or the leg, but if you would like we can arrange to have her X-rayed in the morning.


She seems to be in no pain, but we will of course give her something for that if it looks like she is hurting.


mom 3

Do you have any questions?


Well if you do you know you may call us anytime.

Yes, thank you, goodbye, thank you very much, I’m sorry I don’t have any questions, I’m out of questions, please don’t mistake my lack of questions with a lack of curiosity, I am just out of questions, there are no more questions in me just question marks with no words in front of them, if I had a question or a thousand questions it would be three years ago when words mattered but now it is only punctuation and silence and I don’t want you to think that because there are no questions that there is no more care but that care doesn’t matter and I can’t stop the love but that doesn’t matter either and I really do thank you again all of you but there is nothing I can do now except tell you to give her pain pills and I will wait for a




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