Passion Week Ponderings of the Obsessive Compulsive kind that can lead (and do, too often) to situational depression.


I read this, a BBC report on Modern Slavery

image image
image image image image image image

And I watch this, a dramatization of Bonhoeffer on "Religionless Christianity"

It could be pictures and words about something else, almost anything else. The possibilities and juxtapositions of tragic realities are, in every sense of the word which follows, legion:

animal abuse, child abuse, planet abuse. Priestly denial, political denial, corporate denial. The celebration of ignorance; the championing of stupidity; the congenital co-dependence with anger.

And, instead of doing the hard work that needs to be done, the crowds scream, "Give us Barrabus."

Somewhere within those thoughts there runs a red thread of congruity, and it leads to the reasons I do what I do. I can no longer verbalize it or them. I can’t. But the acceptance of that inability keeps me anchored to Life.

It is about the Other; that’s the best I can say.

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