Happy New Year, Blessed Moments

I say “happy new year” to you but under my breath and in my heart I am hoping your moments right now are moments in which you can feel the perfection of air filling your lungs, and moments in which your mind is serenely quiet and your eyes are open. I hope you are seeing the multi-colored Light of others, and allowing your Light to shine and be seen on all that is near you. I hope you are hearing the silent heartbeat of God in whatever language you speak of the heart. 

I hope you hear children, trees, dogs, flowers, oceans, mountains, crows, woodpeckers, sparrows, and clouds greet you, when they see you, with an outstretched hand, some shade, a nose to the leg, a butterfly friend, wet pant legs, reflected sunshine, caws, hammered hellos, chirps, or wonder.

I am saying “I hope you have enough to eat, and if you don’t, tell me.” I am saying- but quietly, listen!- “Turn off the television, stop being afraid.” I am saying this: “The Second Coming of Christ is happening all the time, so stop waiting for it. Eat ice cream instead, as a prayer.”

So, happy new year! But know that I really care more, much more, about the moments in this and that year. And I care that those moments are understood by you as affirmations that you are good, and you are vital, and you are loved.


@David B.Weber, 2011

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