Tao Te Ching, Chapter Two

The dogs know everything:

where the food is

where the other one is

where they are walking

and that sound, that smell.

Is there more?

When there is no good,

there is no better.

When there is no bad,

there is no very bad.

When there is no beginning,

there is no end.

The dogs know everything

about their moments,

and so teach me about

these moments.

And these.

And now these moments, too.

.The dog, by the way,

does not understand

its name as a name

but as a sound

a blessed sound

and so has no need

nor desire

for that sound to be

perpetuated, honored,

or enshrined,

but only spoken.

@David Weber, 2011

One thought on “Tao Te Ching, Chapter Two

  1. I will not speak of inspiring this writing is because that is sure, what I will say is the lesson that came to me as a writer while reading it. I suddenly realized how sleeply I have become in looking beyond the surface of things and have missed precious understanding. Thank you for opening my eyes again.

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