a dirty God- Tao Te Ching, Chapter 8

God lies in the humus,

buried there

by choice

and watching

as tap roots reach for his touch

and as nematodes circle

round and round

in his grace.


nobody on top knows he is there

while those dwellers in the deep,

sing Hallelujah

in celebration of God’s nearness:

his way

his truth

his life among them,

twisted around them,

giving rise to them,



He fills the berries, the nuts, the fruits,

the wild grasses, the grains,

the mushrooms soft like babies’ ears

with nurture

with blood to be

with Life

with love..


@David Weber, 2011

Other chapters and responses here; feel to discuss, or add your own: http://taochow.wikispaces.com/Chapter+08

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