Tao Te Ching #20, Where..

I would have liked others

to not be in such a hurry to

see the next tree

pet the next animal

stand before the next painting

go to the bathroom


or see the next tree, then that one..

I would have liked that but it will

not happen.

Dawdling, daydreaming, doodling-

I am thinking or walking

near the edges of the abyss

where silent choirs sing

and where holy spirits shimmer;



there is where I’m stuck

and where

the sun becomes roses and

roses crash through sidewalks,

where Louis Armstrong is still alive,

(what a wonderful world)


and where

babies cry out the God within.



see other reactions to the TTC: http://taochow.wikispaces.com/

photo: http://www.beautifullife.info/art-works/fabulous-artworks-by-jeannette-woitzik/

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