Tao Te Ching #22, The Name

They will say to me: What is his name?-

what shall I say to them?

God said to Moshe:

I will be-there howsoever I will be-there.

And he said:

Thus shall you say to the Children of Israel:

I-Will-Be-There sends me to you.*

Rigidity in the movement of life being lived is an

invitation for brokenness.

Pride in the context of inevitable change is a

preamble for pain.

Sure and certain knowledge in the New Creation

will become disabling; it will.


if we wait in readiness for the storm,

while also being ready to run,

and if we burn our idols

and watch the smoke

rising from the fire,

then we will know

Who-Is-There even if our eyes tell us


*Genesis 3:13,14. The Shocken Bible: Volume I, Everett Fox, translator, 1995.

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