Tao Te Ching #24 Dog Story

The dog (small, curly-haired, smelling of shampoo)

did not know it was being carried in

a $4000 Louis Vuitton shoulder bag

or driven across town in a modified

Cadillac Escalade limousine

(On Call Transportation, 212-482-2512,

$100 /hr., 3 hr. minimum, ask about our

“all-weekend” rates!)

The dog did not compare

the sauteed-in-chicken-broth sirloin beef tips

served over brown rice

arranged in a

black leather-covered feeding station

from which it had been fed hours ago,

with the corner of a ham sandwich

given him by the

oily-shirted garage attendant

with a hangover, a pregnant girlfriend,

overdue rent,

and an abiding love for all dogs

no matter who they belong to, how they smell,

or whether they are being carried

in a designer bag

or are chewing through

a discarded McDonalds bag.

The owner of the Louis Vuitton bag

was due on the set of a movie later that day

and wanted the dog to be waiting there,

fed and ready to be seen.

The owner of the oily shirt and ham sandwich,


stayed in the mind of the small dog,

fondly, all day, and for many days and weeks


see other reactions to the TTC: http://taochow.wikispaces.com/

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