Tao Te Ching 23, The Winter Dove

There, by the driveway,

below the bare lilac branches


a dove,

perfect in lines and delicate color

contrasting in curvature against

the new snow,




It died there sometime in the night

in temperatures that wrapped the

dying dove in its final

repose and held it there

gently- yes, gently:

she has been touched gently

in her final breaths-

every feather is perfect.


So perfect that I touch,

hoping that I will cause

a flurry of wings,

but it is not to be..

the dove has waited for

the end, without knowing of


knowing only, perhaps,

the anticipation,

after a short rest,

of another flight.

Tao Te Ching #22, The Name

They will say to me: What is his name?-

what shall I say to them?

God said to Moshe:

I will be-there howsoever I will be-there.

And he said:

Thus shall you say to the Children of Israel:

I-Will-Be-There sends me to you.*

Rigidity in the movement of life being lived is an

invitation for brokenness.

Pride in the context of inevitable change is a

preamble for pain.

Sure and certain knowledge in the New Creation

will become disabling; it will.


if we wait in readiness for the storm,

while also being ready to run,

and if we burn our idols

and watch the smoke

rising from the fire,

then we will know

Who-Is-There even if our eyes tell us


*Genesis 3:13,14. The Shocken Bible: Volume I, Everett Fox, translator, 1995.

Tao Te Ching #21, New Creation..

I know how the universe was created

and I know how the world came to be.

I do.

And you know, too.

You really do.

Neither of us knows the language

which we could use to properly describe

what we know;

and neither of us ever will.

But here’s part of it:

Love trumps fear;

Light trumps darkness;

And Joy always trumps ignorance.


(Peace be on the people of Egypt this day)

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Tao Te Ching #20, Where..

I would have liked others

to not be in such a hurry to

see the next tree

pet the next animal

stand before the next painting

go to the bathroom


or see the next tree, then that one..

I would have liked that but it will

not happen.

Dawdling, daydreaming, doodling-

I am thinking or walking

near the edges of the abyss

where silent choirs sing

and where holy spirits shimmer;



there is where I’m stuck

and where

the sun becomes roses and

roses crash through sidewalks,

where Louis Armstrong is still alive,

(what a wonderful world)


and where

babies cry out the God within.



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photo: http://www.beautifullife.info/art-works/fabulous-artworks-by-jeannette-woitzik/

Tao Te Ching #19, Emptiness

The Servant emptied himself of

uniform, honor, and accolade

by kneeling on a plank floor

with a towel

and washing street dirt and shit

from the feet of his friends.


No volume of leather-bound

liturgical ritual, written on calfskin

in illuminated inks of gold and indigo

can change that dark and beautiful

scandal-filled night.

No doctrinal platitudes

spoken in sonorous sobriety

by centuries of bejeweled shamen

can drown out the sounds of

the wet towel, the filled basin, and

the guttural wonder of

men confronted by true


and perfect




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Tao Te Ching #18, Ruach

That which we see is shaped
by that which we cannot see.

When we see our Great Home as
a reflection of our will, however,
rather than formed by the
winds of the universe,
then we are inviting those with the
biggest voices, the
biggest fists, and the
biggest armies
to fly flags in the
shapes and colors
of their own wills,
and to hide from our perceptions
any recognition whatsoever
of the invisible winds..

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Tao Te Ching 17 (a response to, and an embrace of)

Beyond the gods of everyones’ words,

above the forest’s canopy

and below, far below

deep river-cut canyons,

there exists all of that which has no name,

and never will.


We will run out of answers

before we run out of questions

because the best answers

give rise to new questions.


It is in the throne room of silence then,

that galaxies become lovers

and give birth to bacteria.

And it is from nameless, invisible oceans

teeming with mysteries

that Brahms Symphony No.1 in C minor,

Jimi’s “Electric Ladyland”

and the colors of ecru, mauve, and

burnt umber (among millions more),


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