Tao Te Ching #31, War*

Arms don’t fit in the biblical story

unless one is a literalist-

then, swords are allowed

(and the occasional slingshot).

However, should you choose to use a sword,

even if it’s only to slice off

a soldier’s ear,

expect to be

sharply spoken to.

Wars aren’t won, they’re over.

Bullets kill faster than nails.

And no matter who is chosen to die,

the decision-makers become wealthy.

Left, right, left, right..

into the slaughterhouse

where hope floats in

coagulating pools of blood.

It will different this time!”

No, it won’t. It never is.”

Right, left, right, left..

it really doesn’t matter.

My God, my God, why have

you forsaken us?”

You fools, why didn’t you


other reactions to the TTC: http://taochow.wikispaces.com

* The Tao is one of the original anti-war proclamations. It is harsh in its message, but true.

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