Tao Te Ching #32, One

In that space between you and me,

and between me and the tree,

and between the three of us

and the rose

and the four of us

and the sky, the moon,

the porpoise, the rabbit, and the


that space, that seeming


full now, we know now

of strings- strings of being

which bind all that is in a

mass of light years long

connectivity in which time curls

in on itself and becomes space

more space filled too with

that which has no name

and will have no name

because there is no name

pronouncable or

teachable or

of any meaningful

etymological consequence.

So, let us breathe

that space instead

that is between us

but also

in us

around-under-over-through us,

without naming anything

only allowing everything

to be



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