Tao Te Ching #59, Governance

Standing at the edges of a bamboo forest,

(primordial forests of green shooting, sun-reaching stalks)

Standing quietly..

Tilt your ears and wait for the updrafting breezes

There. Hear it?

The opening chords of the universal symphony.

Now, listen again

and hear the world’s children

in cacophonous crying out


justice, something to eat, a drink of clean water

and the fiery love of a healthy mother’s eyes.

It is a single symphony, a serendipitous song,

but one encumbered and overwhelmed

too often

by the sounds of

well-fed men, and silk-sated women

wanting more of that for which they have no need.

In the deepest music of the earth

are the true things:

unwritten, resounding, and sun-reaching..

David B.Weber, 2011

3 thoughts on “Tao Te Ching #59, Governance

  1. I began these reactions to the Tao at the beginning of the year. I was interrupted by a major move, Australia, a grandson, goodbyes, hellos, and an injured leg. I am home again..there are 22 more to be completed by the end of the year.

  2. There must be compassion, Elise..for all who miss the JOY of giving/ giving up, as well as those who are in need. At this point in history, we are all in need in of renewal, of new breath. We are up against the machines that keep us dissatisfied with what we have and which attempt to turn all of us into consumers of more and more at the expense, if necessary of those with less and less..

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