Tao Te Ching #52


These words were preceded by:
A grilled cheese sandwich
Born of a lactating Guernsey cow
Imported from a British isle to a land
Several hundred million years previously
A volcano cooled, its lava eroded, and
The new soil there was crawled upon by fish
(yes, fish)
Travelling in genetic jumps toward feathers, and hair
Shaped by gentle and relentless winds blown
By meteoric dust clouds over thawing glaciers and
Stampeding oceanic bacteria.
Try, try again to find the beginnings of these words
While I breathe in the smoke of photosynthetic fires lit
By the sun and stoked by the debris of long-rotted
Cephalopods and coral reefs.
There is no magic, there is no first word;
There are only new questions,
Bent into forms which we can speak,
And words which we can write:
These words, never ending
Never beginning,
Always new..

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