Earth Angels

An embryonic sprout, the size of a baby’s eyelash,

Pushes against and through the hardshell seedcoat that has protected it since being dropped from the petalled ovary of its mother.

Now, from its earthen womb, it begins the birth-journey, upward

Toward the warmth of sunstar-sent photons absorbed by the estuary above and, through

Composted layers of long ago forests and the cellular memories of fauna with which that forest teemed, absorbing

Through white and tiny roots the feast prepared for it over millennia, until it is swollen in girth and long enough to pierce the sky, loosening

Leaves it has carried within its delicate trunk, where green photosynthetic fire will burn and the sprout will transcend itself, becoming

A rose or an ivy, an oak tree or a tumbleweed, so to prolong and perpetuate the symphony of Creation that time tries, but fails to




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