Who is this?..

Another preacher.

“The First Morning” is my acknowledgment that each morning, each moment is a part of God’s Continuing Creation. Each morning, each moment, demands that our understandings of God grow larger, even as the Mysteries about God grow deeper. This morning, the newest first morning, means that the opportunity to begin again is always with us.


I began this in a small town in North Central Texas, about 50 miles northwest of Fort Worth. The cowboys there wear spurs, real functioning ones. I’m not a cowboy.

Since July of 2011, I am in a suburb on the eastern edge of Dallas. But I roam around everyday beside oceans and pastures, among cactus and malls, and often beyond the moon.

David Weber, thefirstmorning@yahoo.com


11 thoughts on “Who is this?..

  1. Yes. It will happen right about the time that you get up every morning at 6 a.m. and prepare a hardy breakfast for me.

  2. David,
    It is not gentle. When people say they are christian. Then laugh at you for going to prison, or praying during lunch. How about the middle east?

  3. Question — Are you a preacher or a minister? A lot of people call themselves a lot of things but what does God call you?

    Interesting site. Yes there is much allegedly Holy BS out there. But like the people that find counterfeit money, we need to concentrate on what is true and the false will be easy to see. I’ve put you in my blog surfer. You are welcome to drop by some time. http://abbagod.wordpress.com

  4. I can answer JP’s “Question — Are you a preacher or a minister? A lot of people call themselves a lot of things but what does God call you?”

    Having come to know and love this man of God, having laughed and cried when he “preached” and having seen him minister…I call “a seeker and a teacher!” I’m confident that God calls him “a friend, disciple and steward!”

  5. I also am from a small town in Texas, where the cowboys
    traded their spurs for drugs not far from you maybe 70 miles. I moved away to save my children and put them in a better environment, But the evil is moving upon us I would estimate that if there is not a change, the area I live in now in Alabama in 10 years will be in the same degenerate condition. Terrorism is nothing compared to

  6. I came upon your blog by mistake..a mis-stroke at the dashboard. I love your measured, respectful tone when talking about others and I love that you view the world with such sense of awesomeness and beauty. That has not been my general experience when interacting with people committed to a god as a calling. I find them typically judgemental, angry and scared. Thanks for opening up my world a bit and making me question my judgements, expectations and assumptions. Have a great day!

  7. For over 1/2 a century I’ve been recovering from a religious upbringing of well meaning, loving Sunday School and VBS teachers. I can’t say it didn’t have it’s place or regret the experience. The religion I once deemed necessary for eternal salvation now contrasts with the developing relationship I have with God that continues to grow in spite of my tendency to take the scenic route more often than the shortest distance between two points. Moment by moment as I get out of my way the relationship has freedom to grow and I sense a shedding of years of religious misinterpretaion. I yearn to trade legalistic doctrine for involvement with a loving Heavenly Father. Being a gentleman, I’ve not known Him to intrude uninvited, throw himself at me, or block me from taking a different path of my choosing. When choosing my own way, I tend to fall and feel lucky if the worse thing I end up with is the stinging of skinned emotions. When I can no longer risk yet another fall, He always allows me crawl into His lap of love. With no one else around to I eventually seek Him out as a last resort. Having been trained to think I must to be perfect in order to approach someone so holy it has taken many spiritual and emotional bruises before I have come to realize He already knows how badly I’ve screwed up, yet extends comfort regardless of how undeserving I feel. Why is it so hard to fathom the warmth, generosity, and lack of restrictions to His inifite love and seek Him first? God asks for nothing but to let Him love me. In doing so it always serves to strenthen my trust. With faith to approach Him emotional tank is battered and empty, He willingly renews and refills it with the freshness of His living water. This side of Heaven I may always be shaking off the remnanats of religion in exchange for the freedom to feel the comfort of a relationship in the God who was, is, and will always be here.

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