Bob Larson: Demon Chaser, Demon User

Religionists and politicians share this basic operating maxim:

Tell a Lie often enough, and it will become the Truth.

Both religionists and politicians also depend on this subset of that truth: When caught in a lie, deny it often enough and your slave-like followers won’t care.

When politicians lie, we end up with higher taxes, fewer freedoms, or at war. But they’re not my nemesis here; they’re everybody’s nemesis, all the time. My object d’scorn are the religious charlatans, those foul manipulators of spiritual seekers and blasphemous betrayers of the divine. And among the many scoundrels fighting to lead that pack of dogs is one-time radio star, now mere shadow of former sleazy self (but I don’t think he knows that!), Bob Larson.

Bob Larson Ministries’ web page, in all of it’s 1995-era glory, may be found here. The whole front page is, of course, a hustle, for Larson’s books which will tell you all about the dangers of Islam and feng shui, and for his Spiritual Freedom Conferences. No surprise there; every time Larson opens his mouth it’s a hustle. For which, amazingly, large numbers of devotees continue to fall.

What is fascinating to me is the disclaimer found at the bottom of the front page:

“SPECIAL NOTICE… In your effort to locate our web site, you may have encountered other sites devoted to attacking our ministry. Be aware that these sites contain misinformation, disinformation, twisted facts and outright lies. Many of these accusations are sinister distortions of reality and fabrications designed to look truthful. Our response is that of Nehemiah: “I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you (Nehemiah 6:3)?” To those who maliciously malign our efforts to reach the lost for Christ and see those in demonic bondage set free, we respond as our Savior commanded us. We “pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44).”

Go ahead, try it and see what he is talking about. Google “Bob Larson” and you’ll find site after site of former employees, legitimate news organizations, and Christian organizations of all stripes who have experienced or investigated Larson, and found him (caught him!) lying about his background, his affairs, his finances, and his claims, again and again and again and again. Here are two, of many:

Inside Edition

So what is the niche within the overcrowded Christian ministry industry that Larson has developed into a feed trough for both his ego and his finances?


You know, those “spiritual entities” that can’t be seen but can only be discerned by those specially trained to do so; those “angels of Satan” which provide a ready excuse for anyone caught in abysmal human behaviors; those modern day versions of State Fair midway geeks who bit the heads off chickens to the delight of countrified adolescent boys and their hardy-har-harring daddies who’d drunk way too many beers under the hot summer sun.

Those demons. The ones that some Christians believe they’re able to identify in everyone around them the day after the night they walked that center aisle and gave their lives to Jesus. The ones that reappear in the same persons at Spiritual Freedom Conference after Spiritual Freedom Conference. The ones that Bob Larson can talk about with an air of believable authority that rivals any presidential candidate’s claim that “If I’m elected, things are gonna change!”

Those demons. Those human conjured spirits that fueled the Inquisition as the Church lusted after and found a way to legitimately grab the property of countless Spanish, French, Italian, and German land-owners, accused and convicted of cavorting with Satan. Those demons, grabbed from preacher’s arsenals of fear, when words about God’s love will not suffice. Those demons, still being used as ushers when the collection plate is passed.

The pleasure I take is writing about Larson is, I discover, a perverse pleasure. He is too easy to make fun of. The sarcasm he inspires from me is masking the real sadness I feel for those whom he has brow beat and lied to in his quest for their money and adulation. So here, let these video clips do the talking. Then pass them on to anyone you may know whose pockets and hearts are being ransacked by spiritual parasites like Larson.

Case in point: The national media has followed him and found him wanting. Pretend otherwise, often and loudly. The lemmings will continue to come.

The Spirit of Jezebel, always the Spirit of Jezebel..the evil, conniving, seducing Woman Spirit..Oh, Please..!



R.E.M.- Everybody Hurts

It is one of the small tragedies in the American church, that there is something called “Christian music.” My personal bias is that the word “Christian” is just about worthless as an adjective in the first place. It has been usurped by marketers who use it to penetrate the religious market with all kinds of silly junk- but that’s another rant for another day.

Christian is a noun; first and always.

Because there exists this entity known as Christian music, however, many people are missing the spiritual treasures to be found in many other pieces of music. R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” is one of those treasures. It is even better the tenth time one watches it, than it was the first- I know, I just did, again. Here:

See what I mean?

Worst Commercial Ever?

This has nothing to do with anything. But I offer it here in the belief that if you have something to laugh at on Monday morning, then laughs might come easier throughout the week..

How could anyone stay away?? It’s just like a mini-mall, after all, after all..It’s just like, a mini-mall, c’mon down, come down y’all..

iPhone- Will It Blend?

It was inevitable.

Blendtec found an early niche in viral marketing by blending all sorts of things, on camera, with their commercial blenders. They’ve blended marbles, rocks, a golf club, Happy Meals, and entire cans of Coca Cola. I guess those of us who have been following them over the last year knew this was coming:

iSmoke !

Yes, they’ve just ground up the $500 cost of an iPhone and whatever production costs were involved. But in the three days this video has been on Youtube, over 850,000 people have watched it! Do you suppose 1/2 of 1% of those who watched this video might buy a Blendtec blender sometime during the next few years? That number alone would equal 4250 blenders!

Not a bad return on investment at all. That’s been the power of viral marketing- ideas that capture the viewers’ imaginations are passed on through emails, text messages, and blogs like this one. We are seeing, in video form, using digital means, the ways ideas have always spread through human cultures. A good idea- coverings for the feet, for the example- happened once upon a time, for the first time. Others in that long-ago band of hunters saw the idea and began experimenting with bark, grass, and animal skin concoctions of their own. Gradually, standard forms evolved, were shared and seen by other bands and tribes in other places, were determined to be practical and spread across cultures and time, to this:


and this:


Ideas about blenders and shoes, like ideas about everything else, evolve over time. And as long as they continue to fill a function, they thrive. When they stop fulfilling a function, or when the culture they are part of moves past them, they die out. Just like shoes, someone somewhere in time had the idea to put a pot in homes in which to spit. Spittoons were found everywhere for that period of time during which they fulfilled a need. The culture passed them by and the idea of spittoons (hallelujah!) died with better medical understandings of disease control. (not to mention some slight increase in people’s aesthetic tastes!)

No doubt, the people who manufactured spittoons tried to argue against their demise by maintaining the illusion and hope, for as long as they could, that there was a continuing need for them. It’s not hard to read the writing on the wall, but sometimes it’s difficult..

Addendum: Sunday, July 15, 7:10 CT- the bidding for the blended iPhone on eBay is now at almost $1500. Looks like the production costs will be covered easily!

For Inspirational Purposes Only..Jesus of the Week


It appears to be ceramic, maybe plastic; but then, it matters not at all, does it? What does matter is where such a thing would be displayed, and for what purpose.

Here are some of my immediate thoughts on where? and why?:

1. On a bedside table, to frighten you awake.

2. On top of the refrigerator, to remind you that you are not really as hungry as you thought you were.

3. In the front yard under the tree with a knot that looks like the BVM, to support your assertion of having had a personal visitation.

4. On the counter top above whatever drawer contains the First Aid kit, for obvious reasons.

5. On eBay, to get it out of the house.

Thanks to:  Jesus of the Week (always a risky click!)