Psalm Four, Meditatio Divina

angry guy

Answer me, God!

All these other guys who are

finishing ahead of me, getting more applause than me, making more money than me, having more fun than me, feeling more important than me, and not lying awake all night worrying like me

are pricks. There’s no two ways about it!

They’ll get theirs’ in the end, right God? Right? It’s You and me, isn’t that right, Lord? Isn’t it?


Hey you,’s Me now..are you ready to do some listening?

These guys are pissing you off so you lie awake all night punishing them? You think they are more important than you so you’re angry at them all day? Did you scream at your wife because they’re having fun? Did you kick your dog because they have new cars? Exactly where, pray tell Me, did you pick up these convoluted, upside-down, masochistic responses to the convoluted, upside-down, masochistic way you see the world?

Have a glass of new wine- you don’t need any of that old stuff tonight, no matter how much you paid for it. In fact, why not just throw all that vinegar-tinged old stuff out, right now? Then, lie down. Put your feet up, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and listen to Me. I’m only going to say this once, but if you let it in, it’ll stay in you forever. Ok? You ready? I’m going to whisper it now:

I love you.

And you’re a prick, too. Which, weirdly enough, makes Me love you even more..        g’nite!

Psalm Two, Meditatio Divina

Listen to words about God

spoken by kings who have God in their wallets..or,

Listen to words about God

published by nations in the colors of their flags..or,

Listen to words about God

read by priests in the languages of fallen angels..or,


tilt your ears to the Wind,

lift your eyes to the Light,

and press your heart against the Word made flesh.

Happy are those who journey beyond the words

of others

about God,

and get close enough

and quiet enough

to listen to God

for themselves..

@David B. Weber 2009

Psalm One, Meditatio Divina


Psalm 1



with unfolding frequency to those

who sit

and wait


apart from the incessant inanities

of fear-mongers and fashion mavens

who say

(and say and say and say):

“Grab happiness, Buy happiness,

Hoard happiness, Begrudge happiness;

Lust for it, fight for it, demand it,

Pray for it

loudly, often, and publicly

in expectation, jealousy, and insatiability.”

You, close your eyes to that

manufactured tempest.

You, see the windstorms of

chaff-like wicked-ness

that have blown through the years.

You, thrust the seeds of your Wonder

Deep into the flood plain of God.

Let your roots spread and thicken in

the rich silt and dark mud at the River’s edge

and feel the Tree of Life (You!)

becoming the cool shade and rest (You!)

for others (Others!) who choose also

to Live..

@David B. Weber 2009