Tao Te Ching #45, Ice Cream

Ocean, water vapor, cloud, rain,

grass, cow, milk, ice cream.


All are part of the other.

None are without the other,

except in name.


Mishka, Francois, Arlene, Jose,

Alberto, Lao, Jagathi, Roy,

Simon, Ki, Marisol, Christy.


Deliver us from the evil

of not-knowing

where ice cream comes from.

Tao Te Ching #44: Stop

To breathe, one must stop talking.

To listen, one must stop hearing.

To see, one must stop looking.

And to be still, one must stop.

Just stop.

If you bend over to pick up

one more thing,

there will come that final thing which

causes you to fall down.

You will be able to rise again

only by letting go.

Do so, and live.

Hang on, and you will die rich.

You’ll be dead,  with stuff.

Tao Te Ching #42, Attachment

I know something of the Buddha;

that means I know very little.

I am very knowledgeable about the Christ;

which means I know almost nothing.

The more I know

the less I understand

and that is the way it must be-

it is the way that the universe moves,

It is the way I learned to walk,

it is the way the moon caresses

the oceans;

and it is the only way I know to pray.

What I know, I become attached to.

And attachment ends movement.

What I am free of, I can be curious about:

I can learn more, seek more,

love more.

Tao Te Ching #41, Laughter

Beyond the colors of visible light,

beyond the sources of invisible light,


there is the source of all laughter.


It is the absurdity of not-knowing,

the unbelievability of that which has never

been believed before.

It is the wordless exclamation of

recognition which comes before understanding,

and of discovery which comes before expectation.


It is the sound that follows the statement,

“There are a hundred billion galaxies

each with a hundred billion stars,”

or which resounds when

the dog sticks his nose in a bowl of ice cream

and sneezes in your face.


Same laughter. Same source.

Same sound. Same resounding.

Tao Te Chingh #39, Discordancy

As Hafiz writes:

the sun has never said to the earth,

“You owe me.”


In perfect acceptance and

infinite balance, they are:

together, separate but one.


To upset that balance

is to contend with toxic oceans

and melting nuclear reactors

1, 2, 3, 4..


Whimpers of the end

are echoing and the

bills we have hidden beneath

piles of plastic

are due.


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