Tao Te Ching, Number Nine (#9..#9)

Is it possible to imagine an obese Jesus?

Or one who demands a corner office?

Did he “consider the lilies”

then put them in a nice vase, to die?

I wonder if he considered the cut of his robe,

the company he kept,

or the bouquet of his wine?

Did he turn the temple tables

in a fit of feng shui, or fuss at Peter

about the amount of filth on his feet?

Did he ever once, ever, even under his breath,

bitch about the food he was given?

Or say he was just too damn tired to go?

Here’s a tougher one:

Did Jesus care

whether or not

people knew

his name?


Other chapters and responses here; feel to discuss, or add your own: http://taochow.wikispaces.com/Chapter+09


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